Friday, January 23, 2009

I Wonder How Long My Keyboard Will Work...

I just spilled a 20 ounce mug of Cappuccino all over my desk. My keyboard was soaked. Of course I quickly mopped it all up with bathroom towels (Bella helped) but it's kind of hard to get the stuff that ran between the keys on my keyboard.

I realize these pictures don't particularly pertain to the text but I was thinking you'd rather look at pictures of pretty sheep than of a soggy keyboard!

I love these shots of Dream and Catnap.

Anyone want to come over and help me pick Burdocks out of fleece???? Thank God that hay is gone. I don't think I'll buy from THAT farmer again!

DREAM says...

"MUCH better choice of pictures today, Mom!"



  1. Dream you are such a lovely sheep. I hope I get some patchy little lambs in the spring!

  2. Oh No!, look at all those burrs! Not fun, we have those on our farm (though we have less and less of them each year as I have proclaimed war on them) Luckily our smooth coated goats don't get very many that stick..except for Icy...she has very soft, downy hair and they stick to her. But the Great Pyrenees dogs..OMG that is another story! I swear they find a bush of those awful things to sit in each day. LOL! Loved the pictures, your sheep are gorgeous!

  3. Did you turn your keyboard upside down to try and drain the liquid? I do hope it doesn't die on you, but if it does, look on Craigslist or the paper or call a computer repair shop. There are lots of used, low-tech keyboards around and you should be able to pick on up cheap. Just looking at those burrs in your fleeces give me a headache.... (Oh, and I loved your response to Peeps!)

  4. What is SO frustrating for me is that I don't have any burrs in my pastures! I keep my pastures mowed and spot treat any pickers every week. It's when I start feeding hay, in late fall, that we get the burdocks. VERY frustrating....

  5. Oh my! Those burrs are exactly what covers the ENTIRE fleece of those two sheep we are getting from the shelter. You can see more burrs than fleece. At least you have just a small-ish section to remove. Ugh...

  6. Hi Nancy :) I hope your key board is ok. I had to throw away most of my fleeces last year because of all the burrs in them. This year I was a lot better and marched through the fields weekly checking for the little blighters. It must be more annoying though when it is actually in your hay.

  7. You mean there's a sheep back there?! And if you are ever reporting a household accident to your insurance company, make sure you tell them that you, yourself barfed all over your laptop and wrecked the hard drive. They'll cover that, but not cat barf. (At least, that's what my brother reported that the insurance guy told him)

    And then there was my (wonderful) dad giving us all the 'now we have to be careful of the new computer and all with liquids next to it' speech as we all drooled over our brand new Macintosh 512 (it was 1985). Of course, within 20 minutes he had spilled an entire cup of coffee in the keyboard. Luckily he has a good sense of humor!

  8. Been there! (with the burdock not the keyboard) Mine was pulled after shearing and by then they were dry enough that them came out okay. But still a pain. I have no burdock in the pasture either, it came with the hay. My new hay guy is very aware of the issue and I haven't had any since. The worst we get is timothy heads and that isn't as nearly as bad.

  9. you have a desktop and not laptop? it's keyboard for a desktop?

    I had a laptop that splilled a glas of water of the keyboard part and no-mo-puter. :-(

    Had to go out a buy a new one.

  10. Terry9:46 PM


    Please tell Alice I love her new hairstyle!




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