Monday, January 05, 2009



This is my driveway. It's covered by anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of ICE!

It doesn't help that I haven't shoveled it yet, this year. My BBG did the top, when she was home for the Holidays. But the main hill has been packed down by my good, old Jeep with 4 wheel drive. We got an ice storm on Saturday night ~ which gave me a good excuse to call in sick to work, yesterday. I had no idea how bad the driveway was until I went out to put some letters in the mailbox this morning. Paying bills ~ actually makes me feel GOOD about myself!


I managed to find a bucket of sand/salt mixture in the garage and spread that as best I could as I crawled down to the mailbox! If I make it into town/work today, I'll have to stop and buy some salt.

I want to thank all of you who have been so very kind and supportive. What a wonderful bunch of friends/readers I have. Thank you for the kind words and insights. It makes me sad that so many of you understand, first hand, what dealing with depression is like!

I'll be OK. I think I caught it early enough again to be able to get help before it becomes debilitating. I will call and make a Doctor appointment as soon as I upload this post....

Thank you all!


  1. Hi Nancy,

    I also feel good when I have gotten those checks in the mail to pay those monthly bills. Especially if I can feel that I am making progress toward eliminating some of my debts.

    Ice storms are the worst weather. We had two or three freezing rains here in Indiana about a month ago. Now, our snow has all melted during our "January thaw" that lulls us into thinking that spring might come early. But usually, we get pounded with our worst weather in January and February.

    Dry and snowless, I have to really watch the water in my sheep's heated buckets. They go through a lot right now.

    I am glad too that you are going to see your doctor and are taking steps to take care of yourself. You do not deserve to suffer. Do whatever you need to do to get better.

  2. Oh Nancy I read this post and reread your last post and I don't know what else to add that hasn't been said. Depression touches a personal cord for me, it runs deep in my family and I feel I just manage to keep myself above its depths. I joke that some of us similar, but maybe our sweet little Shetland sheep, or love of photography and fiber have brought us all together for a reason...we help each other cope. Take comfort in the words of your friends, we do all truly care about you. I argue you are a fighter, or you wouldn't let us in to help. Keep on keeping on ~ hugs

  3. Nice sign you have on the fence!

  4. Hee hee, I was going to say the same as Mim! Nice smart sign :o)

    I think you said it with "caught it early enough" another big point is that you recognise that it is depression. That gives you a start point for dealing with it. Careful the docs don't give you loads of drugs, they just mask stuff without fixing it. They put Chris on anti depressants a few years ago and he was better off them :o(

    You'll be fine, you've got a good bunch of folk rootin' for ya x

  5. Im glad you have so many wonderful friends too. Part of me is glad that i didn't get online yesterday and didn't read your "major downer", until after I read the more amusing ice-capades. Regardless though, i'm glad you didnt hide from your feelings and that you'll get some more help. I'll do whatever I can as well. I do love my mom :)

  6. Nancy-
    I like what you said about paying the bills. And I am willing to give you some of mine if paying them is's the least I could do! (hee-hee!)

    Glad to hear you are getting help and support...

  7. Driveways are theraputic, they make you appreciate home, like when I have to park my car at the end of the driveway & walk 750 ft back to the house cuz the driveway is too drifted to drive down. I cuss up a storm all the way down & feel much better when I get there, of course I have to go up it but thats another story:) I think your driveway would be a nice sled hill to just scream down the whole way...see theraputic...of course you have to get back up:) Always remember you make a difference in so many lives & w/out you, it would not be the touch many people just being you:)

  8. Nancy
    Sending light and love your way. You have such a big heart and lots of love and a special way of looking at life. Reading through your blogs it is evident that you are a fighter. Oh, and stay off that looks fierce!


  9. Terry8:42 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    It's the time of year for depression--I esp. felt it stalking last Thursday night but I didn't let it get even a toehold, either. Good for you for going to the Doc, and do whatever helps, I'm with you 100%!

    I was wondering how you were coping with all this ice and your hills. You are a tough one--I admire you. Salt is good when needed.

    We've gotta get together soon.

  10. Would one of those SADD lights help with the depression, Nancy? I change the light bulbs in the lamps next to Ralph's chair to full-spectrum ones as he's prone to seasonal depression. They seem to help a lot. need a pair of Yak Trax! ralph got a pair for me last year after my back surgery. They fit over any shoe or boot and grip ice/compacted, slippery snow wonderfully. I wouldn't go through a winter without them. I'll try to get a photo of them and put them on my blog in the next few days. Worth the investment!

    Hugs from the SW...

  11. Ugh...winter is upon us's a struggle and so frustrating but remember kidding/lambing is just around the corner!!! I think we should have a countdown to spring.

  12. eek, slopes that make me cringe...I almost can guarantee I will bite it at least once!

    I'm with you I like paying my is a feeling of accomplishment and so many people are unable to do it due to the economy:(

    Oh I DO so much know what you are going through! Wish I was closer so we could work through it together. Hugs from the NW!

    (and your sign IS beautiful!!)

  13. Hey Nancy,
    I'm way behind on reading blogs, but I hope you're doing better. Sending a cyber-hug your way!

  14. Glad you are going to get help (we all need it from time to time), and that you are getting those little things done - they do make a difference, don't they?!

    You need to get some YakTrax; everyone seems to be raving about them, and my dad swears they saved his bacon several times this year while he was out being dragged by the 'little dog'...



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