Monday, January 12, 2009

SHEEP Pictures....

My girls (and boys!) have been feeling a bit neglected.

So yesterday, I ventured out to take some photographs.

These lovely ladies are Bluff Country Zodiak (Dream's mom), Bluff Country Godiva and Bluff Country Bella Luna (daughter of Zest).

All are bred to Kimberwood Hunter.
His other three girls wouldn't come out of their barn. (smart sheep!)

The boys were out, looking for food...

I marveled at the woolly cheeks and poll on Bluff Country Bling!

A Bluff Country White Night SANDWICH!

DREAM says...

"Mom's staying in the house's COLD outside!!"


  1. Love the pictures of the sheep. Who is the one in the second picture with the brown "panda eyes"? She is gorgeous.

    My father sent me a picture yesterday that he took when he and my mother were on holiday in the Shetland Islands back in the early 1960s. There is a picture of two sisters on the Isle of Unst that knitted the Queen Mothers' shawl with Shetland wool, and they are both wearing shawls very similar to the one that the QM had. My mother said that you can pass the shawls through a wedding band with no problem, they are so fine. She said the wool comes from a special spot on the neck of the sheep. Maybe I'll blog about that today...

  2. Lovely sheep - but I have to say, I don't envy you you're weather! There's not much about winter that I like. Can't wait for spring and the weather here is not half so bad as where you are.

  3. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I will never get bored looking at your photos of your dear sheep. Love, love, love looking at them.
    Can you tell I want some of my own?

  4. Great pictures, they certainly look well suited for cold weather. I raise goats, but the more I read your blog and the more I look at the beautiful pictures of your sheep I am starting to think what this farm needs is some sheep too!

  5. These are just beautiful pics!!



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