Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sloppin' The Hogs...

I mean, seriously!

You'd think these girls never got fed!

DREAM says...
"VERY funny."


  1. Happy furries! WOW - so fuzzy!

  2. WOW!! Look at the beautiful fleece.

  3. That's funny how they always act starved. Mine are doing the "popcorn routine" every feeding, even the rams. I think they love this cold. It's getting harder and harder for the ewes to leap and twist into the air the bigger they are getting. Lambs soon! :)

    ps, that white has the cutest face.

  4. Giggle snort, lol, this is funny! They look so joyful all crowded around and in their hay. They really do have some nice wool coats growing. Is it shearing time soon? Spring is here in northern MN! Enjoying the sunny 40+ degree days! Hope you are doin the same. :-D

  5. Your girls are taking such dainty little bites. They are real little ladies compared to mine. You should see my girls -- they look up at me with a huge chunk of hay hanging out of their mouth!

  6. I got so caught up in the "Shepherd's Going to Bed" blog I never made it to this one. It's so cute!!!



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