Tuesday, March 23, 2010

KNITTING Update...

My Beautiful Baby Girl sent me this photo that she took modeling the lace scarf/wrap that I knit for her.

I'm pretty proud of it!
(both the scarf AND my BBG!)

I like the pattern so much that now I want to make myself a shawl using the same pattern!

P.S.  My kiddo is so talented that she actually took these pictures, herself, using her phone and a mirror to photograph her reflection! 

Wonderful news:

Katie's coming home this weekend!!!
I haven't seen her in FOREVER and I can't wait.
She even promised that I can HUG her!
(you have to know my daughter to know what a big deal THAT is)

Life is Good in the Bluff Country


  1. Beautiful!!! Is it handspun?

  2. Beautiful shawl and daughter!

  3. they are both exquisite! Good job on both counts. Your BBG has a beautiful smile.

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    So glad to hear Katie will be here this weekend--she and the shawl are both gorgeous! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with her photography talent! Have a great weekend :>)


  5. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Beautiful knitting Nancy! And that stole has all the extra warmth of the love that went into it!
    Lois, full of admiration.

  6. That's a lovely shawl Nancy - and of course, your daughter is beautiful :)
    How wonderful for you that she is coming home - enjoy your visit.

  7. A very pretty young lady and a lovely shawl. You are justifiably proud Nancy!
    Blessings, Star

  8. Im awfully excited to be coming home myself! (Though i may still be blushing) Im glsd you liked the pictures, I just wanted you to have something nice for your for sale post. It's all about the marketing right!? :)

  9. Lovely photos of shawl and Katie. Hope you have a lovely weekend together :o)



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