Saturday, March 13, 2010

There's Nothing Like a Little Sheep Therapy...

As I had promised Dream, it was time for me to pay a visit to my woolly friends.  It's been a while since I've just gone out and sat with my girls.  Of course, Sable was more than happy to accompany me and a number of the sheep seemed just as happy to see her as they were to see me!

And Sable was absolutely in her element!

The sheep, quite literally, mobbed her!

And Sable LOVED IT!

She gave lots of kisses...

And caught up on all the latest hillside gossip.

It was a very relaxing afternoon.

A good time was had by all!
And may I add:


DREAM says:
"Awwww, Shucks!, Mom ~ you don't have to fuss over ME!"

Right, Dreamer.



  1. How are you feeling? I hope this means your aches and bruises are healed? Of course, spending time with the beautiful sheepies and that gorgeous Sable would do the trick. Sable has really become one with the herd! Maybe she thinks she is a sheep now?

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Ah, sheep therapy. Nothing else like it. Too bad doctors can't bottle it and send it home with patients.

  3. Amen!

    I am feeling better. Still get almost daily headaches and a stiff neck but having SEEN my Jeep yesterday, I'm feeling mighty lucky! ;-)

  4. Sable looks like she's in heaven. Glad you are doing better.

  5. Sable and the sheep are so sweet. Brought tears to my eyes to see how happy they are to be reunited. Likely did you some kind of good to be out there, too. Hope the headaches ease off soon. I see that you have little snow left, nice, huh?!

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks so much--wonderful post! It's like the sheep know Sable is there to help them (and you). She has truly become part of the flock. I noticed even Godiva has hanging out on the edges of "the mob" wistfully! So glad to hear you are improving steadily. We had a great weekend at the cabin esp. with today's lovely weather--it was hard to leave but we are home now. There are only very few scattered snow banks left up there and the winter wheat is turning green. Our snow here won't last much longer, but it's a reversal from the usual--spring seems to be ahead up north right now. I will continue to pray for you and also for all your good helpers--hope I can help more this coming weekend if you need it. I'm in Iowa most of the week but back Thursday eve.


  7. I just LOVE those photos of Sable with her flock! So lovely to see :o)

    I've been getting a bit of much needed sheep therapy myself in the last few days. Photos over at Wandering Gecko.

    Hope you're ok xx

  8. Hi Nancy,
    I haven't been reading blogs lately-- hope you are better from whatever--
    fun to see your doggy who is growing up among the sheep! My little dog barks and barks at them, runs away when mobbed!



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