Saturday, November 06, 2010

My business has a Name
and a Logo!

My regular blog readers know that I have been struggling to come up with a name for my home-based business.  I've conducted polls, asked friends and family and other business people.  Nothing seemed to fit quite right.  Until the other night. 

I was looking through some of my "Hug A Sheep" photos and thinking about how much I enjoy sheep hugs.  All of a sudden, a name "came" to me: 

 "Sheep Hugs & Soap Suds".

At last, I have a name.  Now I can think about having business cards made up and start building my new website!  But first, I need a logo.  I tried drawing cute sheep.  I discovered that I can NOT draw cute sheep!  So I started searching the web for graphic artists who's sheep graphics I liked.  I finally found Donna, at "Gone Country Graphics".
I told Donna what my business was about (selling all things sheep related ~ wool, roving, batts, homespun yarn, knitted and felted items & collectibles, as well as  chickens & eggs and home made goat milk soap.

This is what Donna came up with:

Isn't it adorable?
And I love my name.  I think it's catchy.
Plus, it describes what I have to offer.

Here's the design I'll have on my business cards:

My only concern with the name was that it might be too 'cutesy' for the other aspect of my business that I hope to develop.  That of teaching spinning, knitting, felting and soap making lessons and even motivational speaking.  I honestly hope to be able to speak before groups of people who are struggling through difficult times in their lives.  Whether it be loosing their job, getting divorced or just feeling lost and hopeless.  I hope that by sharing my story and how I've managed to hang on and even find joy, in spite of all the setbacks I have faced, I can help others to see that things aren't really hopeless ~ that the situation that they find themselves in doesn't have to be the end ~ it can be a new beginning!

I debated as to whether the name and logo were too cutesy for that aspect of my business.  But, when I thought about public speaking ~ especially to the groups I plan on speaking to ~ I realized:  I'm a hugger!  I give hugs.  If people come up to me before or after I speak, I'm sure I'll give them hugs.  So, the name sticks.

Now to print business cards and build a website.
I have a booth at a craft sale tomorrow...


DREAM says...

"I like the name and the logo is cute, but I don't understand why you didn't use ME as the model for your logo!  What's with that primitive carTOON character???"

Oh Dreamer!  I wanted to use you for my logo. 
But then I realized that I would never find ANYone who could do justice to your beauty and charm when creating a logo.  So, I just had to go with a cartoon sheep...

(I sure hope she buys that!)


  1. Love It!! Your off and running to a wonderful new adventure in your life! "Dreams" can come true;)

  2. LOVE IT!!!
    And hugs to you!

  3. Perfect!! The logo is just right! Congratulations!

  4. That's really nice! Maybe Dream can become the SpokesGoat for the hugs and the soap. That way she would have the last word. Tee hee. You'll have to make some very special Dream soap.

  5. Hello Nancy!! For some reason, I've missed your last few posts--I've got to pay better attention to my dashboard! But I think I'm caught up--I won't comment on everything, but will just say that I am collect rocks, and LOVE your rock-heart collection!!!! I also really LOVE the name you've picked out--I think very original, catchy, clever and creative!!!! :-)) (By the way, I'm a hugger too!!)

  6. I love it! It is cute but catchy enough to be remembered!

  7. I love the name and the business card. It's a real eye-catcher. The colors are soothing and welcoming. Good Job!

  8. Marilyn11:12 PM

    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
    Kind of like naming some sheep. You try out names and they don't seem "right". Then the name comes you just know it is the one.
    Love the logo...


  9. This is great Nancy, congrats!

  10. Glad you settled on a name Nancy. The business card is perfect for you.

  11. I think it's wonderful and I would luv to hear one of your inspirational talks :-)))

  12. Good thing there's a backside to that business card where you can list more specifically all you have to offer...and that's a lot considering you give free hugs, too. :-D I'm glad you settled into a name for your business.

  13. Love it! But poor Dreamer. She's gotten ousted for two logos. I agree - it is because no one could do her justice!

  14. Anonymous11:29 AM

    It's perfect! The name and logo both. As for being "too cutesy" well, I'm a firm believer in the power of a positive attitude (though I generally refuse to say that out loud, because it's SO CHEESY!) and your adorable logo is the perfect embodiment of how that has worked in your life.

    If you're really worried, you can always make up a text-based business card for more professional-type situations.



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