Monday, November 29, 2010

The 2010-2011 Breeding Season has begun,
and We're going to have some FUN....

Instead of me doing all the work and detailing what took place in the Bluff Country yesterday, I thought I'd let Dream tell it,  through YOUR voices!

Who's feeling brave?

Go ahead.

Make up the story!

Dream's helping you out.

I know,

There are an awful lot of pictures.

You don't have to make a caption for every-single one!

Often, the pictures tell the story, themselves.

But it's FUN to make up the dialog that goes along.

Go ahead...
Give it a try.

Don't be scared!

Just think:

What would DREAM say???



  1. Lovely photos of those sociable sheep people! I like my almost daily dose of Dream. Such a wise person she is.
    Thank you for becoming a follower of mine Nancy. Welcome.
    Blessings, Star

  2. That is one big brown POOF of a sheep there towards the end! WOW! hee hee

  3. That's baby "Kiss", Isolbelle. She and Princess have moved to the paddock shared with the chickens. They're too young to go in with that handsome ram!

    Thank you, Star! I've enjoyed your comments through the years. ;-)

    Come on guys! YOU are supposed to be writing the script for this post. Star ~ you're creative. You can do it.

    Sara ~ how about you? You could get them started!

    I want to see what my readers can come up with...


  4. i can't write comments, i feel like im intruding on some kind of private... all be it a whole fricking group, of private... moment. I feel quite sheepish!

    You're all COWARDS!


  6. Perhaps Dream perhaps an older "man"....but then again she could be one of those cougars on the prowl for a younger man and your little white guy has hit the jackpot and then some!

  7. did you decide not to use echo? if so bear is one lucky dude! and the tenth picture down(5TH from the bottom) dream is like "woah man! BACK OFF!"

  8. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Here is my attempt. The number in parentheses tells you which photo the comment corresponds to.

    (1st) Hey Everyone! Something’s afoot in Bluff Country! Let’s go see!

    (2nd) Oh, Mom! Why do I have to wear a tie? I’m just going across the pasture, It’s not like I’m gonna meet anyone new, you know!

    (3rd) Well, hello, Beautiful! I’m a Cancer; what’s your sign?

    (4th) Ladies, how about we go back to my pasture for a little fun?

    (5th) The dance floor is sure crowded tonight!

    (6th) Hey, Bear. Check out that Brunette over there…. She is TOTALLY checking you out.

    (7th) You! With the camera; how’s about backing up and giving a guy a little room to work?

    (8th – 10th) Hey baby, hey baby, hey baby!

    (11th) Mom, Mom, Mom! Guess what! There was a BOY in our pasture!

    (12th) Stupid girls. Don’t they know that playing hard-to-get is the way to win a man? I’ll just relax here in my sunbeam, and wait for HIM to come to ME.

    (13th) He told me he likes blondes with brown eyes the best!

    (14th) Dreamer says, “Enough about the boys, already! It is almost as bad as talking about felted Pigs! Everyone needs the refocus on what is truly important. ME.” Yes, Dreamer. We’d focus even more attention if you bothered to get with the program and get pregnant this year instead of just fat!

    Katie in MN

  9. ;-)

    Good Job, Katie!

  10. Mac ~ I didn't "decide" not to use Echo; the GIRLS did! I put Echo in the big barn, intending to use it as a breeding pen, before I brought Bear over to the girl's pasture. None of those ladies would let me get a hand on them to take them to Echo so I just left them all in with Bear. I know which girls are definitely cycling so I may still move a couple who aren't, in by Echo but I don't want to just put one in there. I have to make up my mind quickly or I won't have any choice in the matter! Bear is so gorgeous that I wouldn't mind having him sire all my lambs but then I look at Echo, pacing in the barn and he is just awesome! I think I'll pull a couple of girls this afternoon...



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