Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's time for more Black & White

It's been a while since I've played with any photos and made them black and white.   Since my mood is a bit shaky this morning,  ( I just heard that unemployment insurance may be discontinued ~ leaving me in a very precarious position)  somehow black and white photos seem appropriate.



Princess & Kiss




DREAM says...

"It's not all black & white, Mom,  there are lots of shades of gray.
We'll be alright.  We always are.  We'll take care of each other!l "


  1. With your skill at making things, and if there are any farmer's markets or flea markets, I think you will do very well.

    *hugs* ♥

  2. I hope so Linda! I'm working on a "Limited Edition ~ DREAM " now! ;-)

  3. Let me know when you are ready to ship my "sheep" and how much to send to you. My e-mail is:

  4. Love the black and white pictures!! Beautiful! Sending you good luck vibes and hugs that your online store takes off big time. Love the pictures of your animals, how about some frame able prints and note cards for sale in your store.

  5. You will be all right. Your store is off to a great start. I cannot wait to see "Dream"!

  6. so pretty! The one of Kiss and Sable are my favorites. I think frameable prints and notecards in your store is a great idea!

  7. You guys are right. I SHOULD do note cards. I'm going to see if I can make them on my computer....

    Thanks for the ideas! KEEP 'EM COMING!

  8. Nancy, I suggest you look into some of the self-publishing sites like Cafe Press, Lulu and Shutterfly. People order directly from them and you make a small profit on each order, but do not have to carry inventory. And I've found their quality to be very good.

  9. Hi again,
    I use CafePress for my farm and for stuff, and they do have good quality products. It might be a little pricey though, not sure about that.
    I received bubbles in the mail yesterday and thank you- she's gorgeous. Very well packaged too. Unfortunately I set her near my computer so I would remember to thank you, and my cat thought she was a great toy too. She had a traumatic night, but I can fix her up and keep her away from the cat. You might want to warn others about this issue- keep your bubbles, hug, dreams, etc. away from cats!

  10. I think you have a bunch of good stuff in the works and you will all be just fine.

    When do you hear about the photo contest?

  11. Thanks CSL ~ the winners will be announced on 12/15

  12. Oh, Donna! I'm so sorry to hear about your viscous kitty attacking poor Bubbles! Perhaps I need to make a LGD???

    Seriously, let me know if you can't fix her ~ I'll send you another if you can't.

  13. I think the black and white photos are really great. Continued good wishes with the online store!

  14. I've been hearing on the news about unemployment ins may be discontinued but I really can't believe its possible, surely not. Would would out-of-work people do? I've got my fingers crossed anyway that it doesn't happen.

  15. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Nancy -

    You can pick up a photo quality printer for super cheap these days. You could also check Craigslist, and I'd be happy to put an inquiry on Freecycle here in the cities. For Note Cards, you can print on photo paper and attach to a cardstock notecard, or you could print on the cardstock. Yes, Cafepress is nice, but since you could print-to-order, offering them in your shop and printing them yourself would be easy enough. You can also go to Walmart or Target and they will print photos from digital images in whatever size you request. You may want to price that out, too. Another idea would be to set up an Etsy account and sell a few items there, and then link to your store for more items. Etsy (which is the crafter's Ebay) is where people go when looking for handmade items. It is a good way to gain a loyal following, that will then go to your site directly, but they aren't necessarily going to find you on their own. :) Also, Etsy is a great place to check out what other folks with similar items are charging/doing. :)


    Katie in MN

    p.s. Might have a few craft shows lined up here in the cities... If I get confirmed, I will happily put out Soap and items along with my stuff!

  16. First we stop getting SS increases, now unemployment? Makes you wonder where all the money is really going?! You are so talented that I know your store should do great. Please tell Dream I love her positive attitude!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  17. Hi once again,
    I can fix Bubbles up no problem. She just needs a little trimming like a badly shorn sheep. An LGD is a great idea though. You can catch the dog loving market!



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