Saturday, December 04, 2010

Let the Bidding begin...

Gee.  This is kind of scary for me.
What if nobody bids?

I can't worry about things like that!
Of COURSE somebody will bid. 
EVERYONE loves Dream!

Which is why I've chosen this figurine to be, the very  first , of the signed and numbered, Limited Edition of  "DREAM" to be the star of this fund-raising Silent Auction.

This lovingly,  hand crafted replica of my beautiful Dreamer is needle felted over a bar of my all natural, homemade, goat milk soap.   I tried, very hard to replicate Dream's unique markings and sassy spirit.   This charming, woolly figure, is the first of only ten such figures that I will make.  Each will be signed and numbered.  There will only be THIS number  ONE.

Dream 's likeness is the perfect offering for this fund-raising Silent Auction.
Dream has always symbolized my ability to go on.  My being able to hold onto my home and my beloved flock of Shetland sheep.  Even when I was certain there was no way that I would be able to stay here, after my divorce, Dream is the one who gave me hope and the will to fight on.

I can remember that Christmas (the year of my divorce) and shopping with my daughter.  We were at a favorite home-decore-gift store and I saw a primitive, wooden star etched with one word:  DREAM.  I cried right there on the spot.  For it was at that point in time that I had been  beginning to realize my dream of breeding beautiful, HST (Head, Socks & Tail) spotted Shetland sheep.  Nobody thought it could be done ~ but I was doing it!  Unfortunately, that Dream looked like it was over.  I wouldn't be able to afford to keep my place, on my income alone.

That was three years ago.
Somehow, I have managed to keep my beautiful home in the Bluff Country.   I still can hardly believe it myself.  Especially, since I lost my job a year ago and have not had any offers  of employment since! 

I've hung on to my Dream of a  life here, with my beloved dogs and cats and sheep and chickens, with the help of unemployment compensation and sales of sheep/lambs and chickens/eggs.  It's been a challenge, but I've been proud of myself for being able to hold my life together.

This week, my unemployment compensation ran out.  It doesn't appear that anyone (within driving distance of my home, anyway) is interested in hiring an 'almost sixty'  year old woman.   How do I keep my dream alive NOW???

I am working hard at building up a clientele to my online store: 
Sales are steadily increasing and I'm adding new items every week.  It will be a while, though, before it is generating enough income to actually cover my mortgage payment.  

THAT is why I'm holding this Silent Auction. 
I'm hoping that through your generous contributions and the sale of this #1 limited edition "DREAM",  I will make enough to get me by for another month. 
I am working on building my business in ways that will increase the income it brings in.  If I can only hang on long enough for that to happen.  I am willing to put in the hours and do everything that I possibly can, to keep my Dream alive.

Would  you like to  help?

To Bid on the limited edition (#1) "DREAM"  sheep/soap,
EMAIL ME with the subject line :  "AUCTION" and tell me what you would like to bid.

All bids will be kept confidential until the end of the Auction. 
The winner will be announced (or the winning bid, if the winner wishes to remain anonymous) on Wednesday, December 15, 2010.

If you don't want to bid in the auction, but would like to contribute, there is a "donate" button , on the sidebar of this blog.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Speaking of help.  Please do NOT bid or contribute if YOU are experiencing your own financial difficulties.  I know that this is a very trying time for all of us and I don't want to make things any more difficult for anyone else.  Save your money ~ just keep me in your prayers!


Nancy and Dream

"Don't listen to Mom! 
Get out your checkbook!
  Max out your charge card!! 
Take out a LOAN!!!   I'm worth it."

"Okay.  I'm  just kidding. 
Sort of.  "

"Mom and I do want to thank you for being there for her US, all these years.  we really like it that you enjoy the blogs and follow along with our lives.  Mom says you are like Family, to her.  To me too, I guess.    Anyway... thanks."


  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Nancy -

    I'm not positive, but you should be able to apply for the super-extended unemployment, (12-18 months)at least for now. I know that it is embattled in the senate right now, but... It would be worth a call to the unemployment office, just to double-check. And, remember, if it is out, that changes your filing amount for food stamps and energy assistance, too, and should boost what you qualify for.

    ALSO... you need to do a Facebook posting about all of your wonderful stuff in your store! With links! That way, the 114 you are friends with on Facebook can pass it along to their friends!!! Exposure!

    ALSO, I am trying to get a booth at the Rochester craft show in 2 weeks. If I can crash at your house, I'll put your stuff in my booth! :)



  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    AND, the auction should go on Facebook!! Can you post it to the Shetland site? And on the Chicken blog.... some people may read one and not the other.

    Katie, who is wracking her brain with ways to help. :)

  3. Dear Katie W. ~ It's Okay! I'm going to be fine. You don't have to wrack your brain or get all worried about me. This is just one, in many, approaches that I am taking to create enough income to keep things running smoothly in the Bluff Country. I'm getting soap orders and selling hatching eggs (at $30 to $60 a dozen ~ they really add up!) almost every day. I'm going to have a vendor's booth at the Linkedin Minnesota Holiday Extravaganza, next Monday (in MPLS) and that should be a big boost to my sales. I'm trying to provide excellent products and customer service to the people who shop in Sheep Hugs & Soap Suds, and I hope that they will not only come back ~ but will share it with their friends and families.

    People are already bidding on the needle felted Dream.

    Have faith. Don't panic. We're gonna be just fine...

    Love you!

  4. I have faith.
    And you're in my prayers every night.
    Glad to hear you in such good spirits. :)

    *hugs* ♥

  5. Nancy, I love the way you've taken charge. It's an inspiration to others of us who're strapped and go through bouts of funk. Hang in there, you're not alone!

  6. I think this auction is a very fun idea! And I can't believe how much you captured Dream in the felted likeness! I definitely put a bid in for her, and already know EXACTLY what im doing with her if i win!

    ... on Katie W's ideas tack: (and im not panicking just thinking :) ) ask at that little shop in the IGA in Spring Grove, if you can sell your things there (and they get a small cut of course), and maybe check the more local gift shops in La Crescent and LaCrosse for the same thing. You'll hit the impulse buyers who won't see your website, but will be wandering around the store ( i recall you being one such impulse buyer, everytime we went to the store!)

  7. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Nancy -

    Are you driving up and back in 1 day for the LinkdIn show? You are more than welcome at our new apartment! (can't promise it will be all unpacked, but we have beds! )


  8. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    What a great idea--she really looks like Dream, too!!! Especially like Dream's sales pitch at the end of the blog....

    I'm back from our computer crashing 3 weeks ago--you must've wondered if I dropped off the face of the earth. We had to buy a new laptop--hopefully no more crashes now. We're home this weekend if you wanna stop over and get your HAT if you happen to be in town. I've been good--I haven't worn it at all.


  9. LE Dream is GORGEOUS!

    You're in my prayers!



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