Friday, December 10, 2010

The REAL Princess.

Lest you get the idea that Princess is a timid, aloof, little ewe lamb, let me reassure you, she is not!

If it's difficult to get a good photograph of Princess, it's usually because she's on my lap or running and leaping about, or chasing something.

As soon as she sees me enter the paddock, Princess comes running.

Of course, her attention span is short and she's easily distracted.
"Hey, Kiss!  Come help me get the cat off the post!"

Chasing Daisy is a favorite game. 

"Yup.  I like to chase the Kitty!"

DREAM says...

"HELP!  I'm stuck in the big barn with Dazzle and Echo and the stupid CHICKENS!!!    That silly ewe lamb is getting all of MY attention!  This is just not fair!  Someone let me out of here!"


  1. P.S. Looking at these photos, I'm amazed (and thrilled!) by how much Princess looks like her dam ` Alice.

  2. She is so beautiful Nancy.... Is she musket like Alice?

  3. Princess is, indeed, Musket like her mama, Alice. I keep hoping that Alice will give me a grey daughter one of these years. If/when she does, we will be done breeding Alice. I just SO wan't an Ag-grey daughter of hers...

  4. adorable nancy!, id put alice w/echo to increase the chance of Ag grey, a note to dream-dont worry sweetie the attention will all be on you when you have your gorgeous babies this spring!

  5. I thought about that, Mac, but didn't
    Alice didn't want to go in by Echo and I didn't want him chasing her around so she stayed out with Bear. His sire was black & white, so there's still a chance...

    (can you tell who's the boss around MY place???)

  6. lol! its the same way over here the girls rule, i had too move three ewes out of my ram bahamas group and put them with colin because they were cycling but would NOT stand for him. they stood for colin though.persnickety girls lol

  7. I can see why she is a Princess...such a pretty face :-)

  8. I love how she is so intent on Daisy. I have two shetlands and love, love, love their personalities!

  9. awww, daisy kitty still up on her post! So cute :) I love the stories your pictures tell

  10. Nancy, what a fun post!! I love Daisy on the post and Princess and the others looking at her!!

  11. Beautiful sheep, beautiful snow, beautiful is good :-D.



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