Monday, December 27, 2010

A quick look back at Sable's first year...

On December, 23, 2009, my Dear Friend, Katie W. met me in Rochester, MN., to hand over the adorable puppy that was to be my livestock guardian dog.  I had already named the pup, "Sable" and had seen photos of her, sent to me by her breeder in Tennessee.

My adorable little furball was NOT welcomed at all by the "lady of the house", Bellamica!

Bella couldn't have made her unhappiness more clear, if she spoke English!

But, Sable grew and thrived

and it wasn't long before she even won Bellamica over!

Sable was HOME.

Her first year has been a delight for us all:

I've created an entired web album of photos following Sable's exploits since she came to the Bluff Country.  Click on this last photo if you'd like to view it...

Later today I WILL post more Calendar photos ~ I PROMISE!


  1. Sable is such a beautiful dog!! You are so lucky to have her. Wishing a Happy Healthy New Year to you and all your furry feathery friends.

  2. What a wonderful dog...both dogs look like they are best friends...
    ta ta for now from Iowa.

  3. Such a sweet and gentle soul :-)

  4. Can it really be a year!!?? I remember seeing that first picture, and I was so taken with the beautiful puppy that I sent my sister the link to your blog. She loves dogs, has had many large breeds over the years, most recently Greater Swiss Mountain dogs. Sable has turned out to be a wonderful joy, judging by all the photos. I'm so glad she won Bella over to her side!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I had forgotten how small and fuzzy she was!

    I'm so glad that she has become an integral part of the Bluff Country menagerie.

    Katie in MN

  6. that album is wonderful!!Your Sable certainly has a personality on her! From that pic (on your blog) of her on the couch, to her winning over the sheepies, i understand why she's made you so happy. She reminds me of Charlie-dog... when he's not being a pain in the behind! ;)



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