Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crazy! Bad news and Good news...

I'm sorry for not announcing the winner of the Silent Auction yesterday.  I have been going absolutely crazy trying to get orders filled for  "Sheep Hugs & Soap Suds". 

 That darn "Bubbles" takes a LONG time to make!
I shipped six orders out by Priority Mail today.

Such a nice problem to have.
Thank you to everyone who has ordered!

The "Bad News":
I didn't win the Photo Contest.

I have to admit, the photo that won IS adorable!  If I hadn't been competing in the contest, I would have voted for it.  I was disappointed to not even get honorable mention, however. 
Ah, well.  Maybe next time!

The "Good News":
Congratulations to Donna Schoonover for her winning bid on the FIRST in the limited edition series of "DREAM" ~ the needle felted, soap/sheep that looks just like Dream! 

I want to thank everyone who bid but most especially Donna, who's one-hundred-dollars will be put to good use!  Yes, I made it through another month!


DREAM says...

"Ah-HUM!  Don't you think you should be thanking ME?
Donna bid that because she loves ME.
Give credit where credit is due, Mom..."

Of course, Dreamer!  I am ever so grateful to you.

(and I'll be letting you out of that barn SOON!)



  1. While I'm very happy for Donna, Im sorry you didn't win the contest. If people knew your sheepies and your story, i bet it would have been a different story! Keep looking for other contests, and keep an eye out for the cutesy kind of picture that won this year. You've got kids and cute animals enough in supply, you should have no problem next year!

  2. Congrats to both you and to Donna.

    I think your photos are wonderful. I know that these contests are all too often a popularity contest, so don't take the results as a reflection on the quality of your work.

    Keep at it - you have an enthusiastic audience that looks forward to your next offerings!

  3. Glad to hear you've been busy. :)

    And congratulations to Donna!

  4. Eileen is right, online photo contests take on the unfortunate tone of a popularity contest. You are such a talented photographer, I would love to see you enter some real photography contests and let your work speak for itself.
    Congrats on all the success selling your needlefelted sheep soaps!

  5. I got my felted "Bubbles" today and it's a treasure. I'm afraid the little work of art is far too lovely to be used, so I will display your little work of art to be enjoyed with the eyes only.



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