Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Shooting Princess.

With a CAMERA!

Some of you may remember the difficulty I had trying to get pictures of Dazzle when she was a lamb.  Well, Princess makes Dazzle look like a professional model! 

Here's a pretty shot of Kiss. 
And Princess's rear.

Kiss and the tip of Princess' ear.

Almost half of her face!

Perhaps a tad too close?

This is not working!

You'd be amazed by how many pictures I have to take to get ONE good one.

Of course, that depends on which sheep I"m trying to get photographs of.
Dear little Kiss loves to have her picture taken.

Not so, Her Royal Majesty!

It's not that she's unfriendly.

In fact she's often TOO friendly!


Perhaps it's the camera?
What ever.  It's cold and I'm going inside...


  1. Okay I think I forgot to do something.. So if this is a second comment please delete it.. I said earlier that when it comes photographing kids and animals THANK GOD for digital cameras and rechargeable batteries! Great pics despite unwilling models!

  2. the close up head shot with her ear cocked forward a bit is very nice! ... and in the two preceding, she looks like a reindeer in the snow, which is fun too :)

  3. She's beautiful, like all of your sheep! That series of photographs was funny!

  4. Kiss smiled very nicely for you... ;)

  5. Just one comment from you today, Tonia. I agree with you about digital cameras and rechargeable batteries. They have revolutionized the amateur photography industry!

    She does look a bit like a reindeer, Katie. A big, FLUFFY reindeer!

    Oh Isobella, they all dream of being as beautiful as YOU, one day...

    Yes, Linda ~ that little chocolate Kiss is a real sweetie!

  6. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Nancy -

    Thank you so much for the laugh! I needed that today!


    Katie in MN

  7. How funny! You made me laugh out loud. I love your sense of humor. And the sheep's'! Gorgeous photos, too. I just found your photo gallery at your other page. Simply stunning.

  8. I was sure I had already posted a comment, but I don't see it so maybe it was a dream?!! Anyway - my thought the other day was that you should take all the snippets of Princess from the various shots and make a montage poster of her! I'm sure you'd have enough pieces to make a whole lovely sheep!!!

    Nancy in Iowa



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