Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cat in the Snow and Last Chance!

I fell in love with this photo when I saw it on the blog of my  cyber-friend,  John Gray ofTrelawnyd, North Wales, United Kingdom.  John writes often humorous, sometimes deeply touching tales of his daily life caring for his many animals and living in rural, Northern Wales.  He is a delight!   The name of John's blog is "Going Gently"  Check it out  to see the purpose behind this adorable kitty photo.

DREAM says...

"Better that cat, than ME!"
"Don't forget ~ today at Noon, Mom's going to announce the winning bid on the One of a Kind,  very first one in a limited edition,  needle felted sheep/soap figurine of ME!" 

That's right, Dreamer.  we're down to the final hours of the Silent Auction for the first in my limited edition collection of "Dream" figurines.  There will only be ten made and sold and this figure is signed (by me) and numbered ~ #1.  Funds from this auction go to help support Bluff Country Shetlands (and Backyard Chickens) as I build my at home-business, in an attempt to earn a living ~ doing what I LOVE!

...The winning bid will be announced this afternoon...


  1. I knew there was no way Dream would be caught out in the snow. ;)
    And that is, indeed a great shot of a cat. I love cats. :)

    Good luck to your winning bidder, and you, too! ♥

  2. Love the music! And I don't blame Dream at all for wanting to stay dry and warm. Thanks for the heads up on your friend's blog - I'll go check it out.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. the kitty picture is awesome!! I think you should try to trump him though :) Which reminds me, isn't today also the results for the photo contest!? Im sooo hoping for you!! You deserve it mama. :) (PS... im sorry but I would vote against the music, in case you get mixed reviews)

  4. Best wishes, Nancy. I love your felted "Dream", nice work!

  5. I visited Going Gently..oh what a hoot.. He was throwing things at his starlings today... I am still laughing.
    Enjoyed reading your blog . Have a great day` Ta Ta For Now from Iowa.. 5 inches of snow and it's beautiful~!



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