Wednesday, December 29, 2010

April calendar prospect and a Milestone!

April is one of those months that has both dull, drab, possibly even snowy days as well as beautiful, bright green grass growing and maybe even lambs!  I may just split the April page into two photos ~ one showing the early part of the month and one the end of the month.

Here are some selections for the April page of the 2011 "Real Sheep Wear Shetland Wool" calendar.  Please leave your vote (or recommend another picture) and the reason you like your selection, in the comments after this post.

Thank You for your help!



Bella Luna



(I'm not sure that I have a large enough file to use this photo
but included it because I like the composition) 


I also have the option of going back and selecting one of the pictures from late March to use on the April page.  The selection is not as great as it used to be since I'm no longer timing lambing to take place in April.  I used to always have lamb photos for this month.  The two in this group of possibilities were actually born
in 2008.

DREAM says...

"Vote for number nine!!!!!"



  1. I love #2 - the juxtaposition on either side of the fence and the expression of young and old. Plus, the yellow insulator looks like a daffodil, and April is daffodil month to me.

  2. I like #2...that is so cute...
    Sorry Dreamer..
    have a great day...fantastic pictures.. Hard to choose.
    ta ta for now from Iowa

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    In order of Like:

    #5 - With the trees barely budding out, the haze and the new green grass, it just captures "April"

    #9 - Same idea as #5, but showing not enough "Spring" (and because I'm feeling guilty)

    #6/#2 - Because they are fabulously cute lamb shots.

    Katie in MN

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    #2 and/or #6 for April - for the same reason as Katie mentions above.

  5. I like #5, spring is represented nicely. Love the shadow of a hill in the background. Love the lambs, but #5 is a true representation of spring to me.....lamb heavy ewe, new buds on the trees and the brilliant green of new grass.

  6. Haha. I love #6!
    I don't know when lambing season is, but I think they definitely deserve their own month. :-)

  7. Hi Nancy! I've not been voting because I honestly love them all--But today if I had to choose one, I 'think' I'd pick #2...Or maybe number 6...No 2 has my vote for now...

    I do hope you're doing well and your new babies are too!!

  8. #2 or #6 would be my choice!! What cuties!!

  9. Of course I'd vote for Dream, but #1 is nice too ;-).

  10. I have to vote for #5, I love this picture, trees are just starting to turn green in the background.

  11. I don't know, Too Many choices! Love them all...I have to say that I think Godiva is GORGEOUS!

    Okay-if I have to pick, I'd say #2, although #1 is lovely- I like the tress just starting to turn green in the background and then there is #6...too cute!

  12. I vote for #3 or #8. That's what it looks like here in southern Minnesota in April (though sometimes there's snow). The grass is just starting to come, and the sheep have swollen bellies! What great photos, Nancy.

  13. #2 is very much what I think of as April as it;s lambing time for super cute picture :)

  14. if april is the main lambing month (apologies for not knowing this!) I vote for #2, it's so precious to see the lamb wanting a mama, and all the ewes wanting a lamb! But I though May was more of the lambing month? If true, I would save #2 for May and use #5 which is gorgeous with the bluff looming in the hazy background. Looks like April to me.

  15. I vote for #2 or Miss Dream. ;)

  16. Anonymous8:39 PM

    ! #5, YES--for reasons Katie mentioned as well as the Beautiful pregnant ewe grazing from the one who THINKS she owns her.


  17. I vote for number 2, as well. I must say, it's getting a lot harder to choose. One of the things I try to consider (along with how the pic fits the feel of the month)is which pic I'd enjoy seeing for a whole month. For that, I'd say I really love # 7, too. (but I was deterred by your big file warning)

  18. 1= calm feeling, lovely composition, complete image, beautiful colours.
    5= the hazy background, with the bright green foreground is very evocative of Spring, the whole sheep is in the picture.
    8= whole sheep in picture (right to her hooves), haze over green tones means Spring.
    9= she's so cute, and the colour looks Springlike.

    What I don't like about #2 is the over-exposed background, leaving the sheep faces somewhat more darkened, and the fact that the lamb is standing on what could be scrap wood. The scene looks a little busy and confused- more of a snapshot than a portrait.

    There you go- my opinionated opinion!

  19. I have to choose? 2 or 6...I love babies!!

    Thanks for stopping by...hope to see you again!



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