Monday, December 20, 2010

If you thought that the last two were tough...

REALLY need your help in selecting the photograph to use for February!

(Zaria and Sable)




(Sable and Zest)

(Sable and Alice)

DREAM says...


"Very cute ~ but I prefer a more dignified look."

Of course you do, Dreamer!


  1. It is so hard as the pictures are all so good but I vote for #5, love that picture!

  2. #2 for me --- keep 'em coming, Nancy, this IS fun!

    Leah M

  3. #2 or # 5.
    Love the pictures, Nancy. :-)

  4. I say #5.

  5. #2 with #5 being a close second.......

  6. OK ~ would you guys also include WHY you like the photo you pick?

    I'm surprised so many are choosing #5. I think I don't like it quite as much because Sable's ears are down...

  7. Anonymous11:35 AM

    5 or 2 for me this time - some sheep are just plain ol' scene stealers!

  8. But Nancy, "down ears" show a softness and submission that makes that photo say "love" for the month of love! Plus, I like its composition and think "closer to the subject" is better for this type of shot. (And I left a comment voting for #5, but don't see it here!)

  9. #5- Just says love. Gives me warm fuzzies.

  10. Nancy, I, too, love #5! Sure, Sable is a guard dog but this shows that she also cares about her charges, more like a guardian angel than a Secret Service protector!!! I also like #7 because Dream is always, well, Dreamer!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. grrr, no no not 2 or 5. #3!!! By far! Why don't people see what I do? The lighting is gorgeous, Sable looks illuminated and set apart, almost ethereal, and then the softness an attention of Zaria in contrast. It's gorgeous!

  12. I like #5, it's sincere looking and very sweet. I also like the close up of them both together.

  13. Anonymous7:37 PM



  14. Anonymous9:48 PM

    #5 because it is the closest to a Valentine's Day picture.

  15. I like #5 too! Its just cute! Well they are all cute...

  16. I like the lighting on #2, and #5 is the one that made me say 'awwwwww...'

    So I guess that #5 is probably a good one to go with, since everyone seems to really like it. It's the sentimental favorite.

    But I would say that when taking into account lighting, composition, expression and story-telling, #6 is the all-around best.

    The problem is that as you say, they may not be judging on what is the best photo per se. Sentiment may be the best way to go. I don't suppose you can submit two?

  17. Actually, I can use more than one photo per page! I may just do that with February...


  18. What seems to be the problem...? #5 Hands down!

  19. #5 is totally adorable!



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