Friday, December 03, 2010

"Birth Announcement" ...
A "new" DREAM!

After three days of hard labor, she is finally here!

Introducing the limited edition  
"DREAM "  needle-felted soap!

I will only be offering ten of these.

Each will be signed and numbered.

Each will be approved by Dream, prior to shipping!

I am considering offering the very first one
on here as a "silent auction".
It could be a fundraiser for the lean days ahead until my business grows enough to keep this place going.

DREAM says...

"Heck, Mom!  You'll probably be able to pay off the mortgage with the money you'd get from auctioning of a figurine of ME!!!"

Ahhhh, right, Dreamer!



  1. oooooo! WOW! You even got the tilt of her lovely head!!! Beautiful Dream!!!

  2. I'm speechless, the only thing I can think of to say is WOW.....great job on your "Dream Soap".

  3. It's amazing! And I'm sure you could pay off your mortgage, just by selling those. Fantastic job! Congratulations! :)

  4. The mini-Dream is beautiful! Just like her namesake!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Anonymous4:46 PM

    OH! ADORABLE!!! It does have Dream's spunky attitude radiating from it! :) I love it!

    I DEFINITELY think a silent auction would be good! I'd vote!


    p.s. Was it deliberate to place Dream standing on a pig? Just to reinforce the proper heirarchy? LOLOL! ;)

  6. Thank you, Everyone! I'm really tickled with how she turned out. Even I look at her and think "She really does look like Dream!"

    Ah, Katie W. you don't vote in a silent auction ~ you BID.
    Love you!

  7. Oh, hey, those are DARLING!!!

    Dreamer makes a great model (don't tell her I said so, it will definitely go to her head).

    Oh, dear!! I don't think I could bear to use such a beautiful thing for cleaning my hands!! Do you have any plans for a similar sculpture series (they would have to have similarly... voluptuous... figures, of course)?

    I agree about the quizzical tilt of the head - totally makes it Perfectly Dreamlike!

  8. You did a fabulous job! Even got that cute Dream smile.

  9. Nancy, since the last week has been a blur, now that I've come up for air, and visited your blog, I can see all the wonderful creations you've added to your store. You are so creative and talented and it shows in each piece you've made--And Dream is just amazing!

  10. I think you've found your calling... adorable, just adorable!

  11. I love Dream and want one!

  12. Dream is just gorgeous, who needs the soap! A little line of felted Dreams, to make your heart melt;

  13. Ah, but even if you don't want to use the soap (which, by the way ~ goat milk soap is SO much more luxurious and beneficial to your skin than commercially made soap! ~ it makes a nice solid base for the figurines and makes a nice 'room freshener' when I use scented bars for the felted critter.

    I do intend to start a line of 'non-soap' felted creations sometime in the future. Lord only knows when I'll actually get the time!

    Thank you ALL for your comments and your support!

  14. Oh she's gorgeous! I want a Dream *Stamps feet* how do we bid?



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