Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ahhhhhhh, Autumn!
A Shetland sheep's favorite time of year.

No bugs, cool temperatures and

For once in their lives, my girls are eating pumpkins "legally".

Destiny dives right in.

I smash the pumpkins on the ground to break them up and then spread the pieces around so everyone gets some.

Dazzle appreciates having her own piece.

As does Alice.

Of course, everyone who knows Alice knows that she doesn't like sheep.!
Some of the sheep prefer to share...

That's Duke (his sale fell through ~ anybody need a nice whether?) and Kiss.
I've decided that I'm keeping Kiss.

I got over forty pumpkins FREE by stopping by a field that had lots of them laying around.  I went to the nearest house and asked permission to take some pumpkins (it was after Halloween) and they said I could take as many as I wanted.

I had pumpkins piled three deep in my Jeep!
I think that Princess and Dilemma appreciate all my hard work.

(look how much Princess looks like her mama, Alice!)

It was hard work, too!  There were some mighty big pumpkins that I brought home.  I loaded (and unloaded) them all myself!

I should be SKINNY!

..."Me ~ burp! ~ too!"


  1. Today when I was out running errands I saw that someone was feeding pumpkins to their sheep. I wished I'd had my camera because I thought it was really neat to see the sheep enjoying them. Now I get to enjoy seeing it again, via your post! That was very nice of the farmer to let you have the pumpkins, whatta workout for you, it wears me out to think about hauling them all!! :-))

    Hope your week is going well!

  2. I agree, those big pumpkins are heavy! We got a lot of them this year too and the sheep love them. We planted ours in the composting pile of barn bedding and they did really well this year with all the rain we got. So did the watermelons and canteloupe. But we only managed to get one cantaloupe, the deer ate all the rest before we could get to them.

  3. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Nancy -

    Oh, I wish I was down there!

    No, I'm stuck up here in Purgatory. I was SUPPOSED to have movers coming on Sunday morning, but my car is done (ha! doubt it!) and my folks want their truck back now. So, instead of paying movers this weekend, I am paying my deductible, and pushing moving out yet another weekend. I could CRY. (actually, I have.) I need a sheep hug. Instead, I am scrubbing cabinets and floors and woodwork. BLEAH.



    p.s. Great score on the pumpkins!

  4. Hahahahaha! I bet you're in plenty good shape :) Good job on asking for abandoned pumpkins! I always feel bad for the ones I see left over after halloween anyway. I love your happy sheepies and especially your adventure!



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