Friday, October 16, 2009

ALICE Doesn't Like Sheep....

Ever since Alice came to live in the Bluff Country (in 2001), she has been a loner.  She did have one  friend, "Stephanie" ~ a ewe that came with her, when I bought Alice.  But I sold Stephanie a few years later ~ when she started fighting with Alice ~ any ewe that fights with Alice gets sold.  End of story.

Ever since Stephanie left, Alice has been a complete loner.  I often feel sad for her, staying off by herself.   So, in 2007, I decided to keep Alice's ewe lamb: "Bluff Country Destiny", so that Alice would always have a friend/companion.

Destiny was one of Triplets and as usual, Alice kept her babies as far away from me and the rest of the flock as she could.

Which, of course, made Destiny a bit of a "Wild Child"

Needless to say, Destiny grew up to be quite the Beauty!

With her dam's regal bearing and flawless confirmation

It is obvious to me that ear carriage (attitude???) is hereditary...

Alice is hardly ever seen off by herself anymore

She always has her "Destiny"

DREAM says...

"Kind of like how You have Me, Mom?"

That's right, Dreamer ~ kind of like how I have you.


  1. What a nice post :o)Lucky Alice to have you making sure she isn't lonely. I wish my Rebecca had produced a lamb this year. If it had been a ewe then perhaps she's have a pal now too... she doesn't even hang around with her twin!

  2. Very sweet post. I'm glad for Alice and the 'pact' you entered into for her. I have a couple of ewes here who are devoted to their families. It'd be hard to seperate some of them.

  3. Aw, what a nice story. I'm glad it had a happy ending. My mommas and babies stay tight too. I even have one wether, Jester, who several adults still call uncle.

  4. That brought a big smile to my face and put a glow in my heart -- thanks. :-)

  5. I have my mom and she has me!

  6. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Love the snowy nose-to-nose photo of Alice & Destiny.
    Diane L./Bloominton,IN.where it feels like winter today!

  7. That was absolutely beautiful, all of it and especially the end. What a sweet story; maybe you should start writing childrens stories on your slow nights at work, with your sheep as the stars :)

  8. I loved that! I have to repeat what every animal lover says: Animals are amazing!

    Nancy - sheepless in Iowa

  9. That was a cute story. I am glad that she has someone now and they look very happy to have each other.



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