Sunday, October 18, 2009

And Then There Was ONE...

Poor Zorro.

Hunter and Eureeka left for their new homes this weekend.

Leaving poor Zoro the only remaining ram in my flock!
Needless to say, he is now
ALL alone...

Some of you may remember when Zorro was only a few weeks old and he broke off one of his horns.  It healed nicely, but apparently, Zorro and Hunter had a 'run in'  recently and Zorro got the raw end of that deal!  He has completely broken off his "good" horn ~ right a skull level! 

I've never seen a horn broke off that low before!  Poor Zorro.
Fortunately, it has healed nicely and he doesn't seem to be any worse for the incedent.

This handsome 4 month old ram lamb actually belongs to Linda & Pete (of Pennsylvania) but will be staying here ~ along with his dam, Zodiak and my beloved Zest, until next summer. 

For now, the little guy seems to be OK in his own paddock with the girls all around him.   I'm HOPING that his young age will prevent major problems as breeding season commences.  I do not plan on breeding any ewes this year.

But, if being alone proves to be too hard on Zorro ~ OR my fences ~ I may end up putting a couple of ewes in with him, just to keep him company.

I guess a couple of lambs next year wouldn't be too bad...


  1. If only you had a wether to go in with him for company. But I agree, a couple of lambs wouldn't be too bad. In fact, that would probably be just about right! ;-)

  2. Poor Zorro! He clearly needs female companionship.

  3. Zorro is definitely a handsome boy, even with one horn! Yes, he does need some company - said from the safety of my apartment far away so you can't slap me.....

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. He does NOT need comapany! Company means more sheep for you to get all sad over leaving next year. This post was sad enough, lets leave it at that for a while huh?

  5. Being lopsided gives him a very rakish look...
    and who doesn't love a devil-may-care gentleman?

  6. I hope he's a good boy! You know the trouble I've had keeping my rams away from ewes, and it doesn't matter if they have their own girlfriends. If it's possible, you should put two fences between them. Good luck!

  7. Baby Zorro has the cutest face! I don't see how the girls could take him seriously as a ram--he looks more like a little snuggly toy. However..I'm sure they WOULD take him too seriously if given half the chance. I'm debating about taking next year off from raising lambs (2011, I guess!0. I'm just pretty tired and need a breather. From there I'll decide what I want to do.

  8. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I vote for some company for the lad! All alone he may get too "rambunctious". Too bad you are too far away; we could send a wether ;-) or two or three.


  9. I vote for a couple of ewes to join Zorro. Let them spend the winter with him. No sheep should be all alone for the whole winter! And a couple of lambs next spring will be fun for you. Band the little boys and you will not have any more breeders around next fall. Have your vet band them if you can't make yourself do it. I hate doing that job.



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