Monday, October 05, 2009

Every Little Bit Helps...

Dream is doing her part and hopes that you will too!

In late 2008, fellow blogger and fiber enthusiast (spinner extraordinair!), Eileen, of "Knot All That" fame, was diagnosed with stage four, metastatic breast cancer.  Eileen broke the news to her followers on her fiber blog, and then went on to create a new blog that chronicals her life ~ as it is now ~ battling the cancer that has turned her  world upside down.  You can follow Eileen's story at:  "RoseColoredCancer"

Eileen follows "A Shepherd's Voice" and is a big fan of Dream's.  (Dream says:  "Who ISN'T???"

In Jan. 2009, I was contacted by Jane Carlstrom, feltmaker and seamstress, about colaborating on a fundraiser to help defray Eileen's medical costs.  Jane designed a patch, using the above photo of Dream as inspiration,  to sell at her Etsy Shop:  "Glorious Hats" ~  with 100% of the funds going to Eileen.  You can see the offering of the "DREAMS" patch and read the story behind it by clicking on this patch:

Dream is honored to be a part of this fund raiser to help Eileen! 
She hopes you'll help too...


  1. Thanks for posting this -my mom had a diagnosis of breast cancer 5 years ago but is now good. Its amazing how fast somebody can go from being okay to OMG in a matter of minutes. We're rooting for your friend here -may she fufill her bucket list and have glorious moments!

  2. It's so touching that Dream has becomae a spokesewe for such a worthy cause. Your friend will be in my thoughts

  3. Thank you for your kind comments, Nancy - and thanks to Dreamer, too! A slight correction: my cancer is unfortunately Stage IV (which basically means it has spread to remote sites of the body), rather than Stage III. Unfortunately treatment for advanced breast cancer has not significantly improved since the 1930's - we have improved testing and are catching more cancers early on when they can be treated, but the advanced disease is still as deadly as ever. We need to push for funding of research on new treatment directions, rather than just funding more studies on treatments that follow the same old paths that we already know to be less than effective (old paths that already get lots of funding from Big Pharma & the FDA, who have a vested interest in keeping the Status Quo... deadly for us, but profitable for them!)

    October is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, so your post is timely!! Thanks for your help, and thanks to Jane and Dreamer, as well.


  4. WoW Nancy and Dreamer, Thanks so much for the encouragement and support. Thanks to your mention, one of the patches has gone out. So the fund has begun. Actually as Eileen noted, her cancer is at stage IV, so for the time being, I have dedicated the use of the funds to a "bucket fund" for Eileen, to encourage her to do more things on her bucket list while she has energy to accomplish some things she has always dreamed of doing. When Eileen, no longer has use for the fund, will keep up with the patches and use the money earned to go to what ever charity or research group Eileen chooses.

    Thanks so much for joining me in creating the Dream patch. You are a great fiber friend.



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