Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Fell...

Remember this?

photo taken on Oct 7, 2009

Same shot:  Photo taken on Oct 12, 9009

If you click to biggify the first photo, you can see that the pumpkin patch was a mass of giant, green leaves.  I didn't even know for sure if there were pumpkins IN there!

They were there, all right.  Now, all the leaves are gone.  Vanished while I slept.

               Remember this?   

I took this one this morning:

Do you remember when Kimberwood HUNTER came to live in the Bluff Country?

2007!  He'll be leaving for his new home, in Illinois, later this week...

Baby Dreamer!  2006:

DREAM says...

"Some things just keep getting better!"
"Thank you again, Katie, for Mom's Happy Lamp!  It sure does make a BIG difference at this time of year!!"

I do want to sincerly recommend "light therapy" for anyone affected by SAD or depression.  It's made a HUGE difference for me!

(knock on wood!)


  1. Wow, what a difference some cold air makes! And beautiful sheep pics, as always!

  2. I'm so happy for you that Hunter sold! He's such an incredible ram. Who's getting him?

  3. Those sheepies are sure eying the 'newly discovered' pumpkins! It's hard to see all the beautiful greenery go. We've not had a killing freeze yet, but mighty close a few nights. With all the rain around here, the grass looks more like spring growth.

  4. Yes I agree with Tammy, watch your pumpkins! I remember your sheep looking all guilty last year with them lol. I'm glad you found a good home for Hunter, you have no more rams right? I'm happy you are feeling better too.

  5. changes, changes. You better be getting ready for winter weather.

  6. Well, at least its not the white stuff "yet":) It just fells like its coming too fast. I was thinking about U when they were talking about the snow in MN:( I am sure you turned your heat on too:)

  7. You apparently haven't read my "Chicken Blog" (see my side-bar) today, Kristi!

    Also, my furnace is set at 50 degrees and if it gets colder than 50 in the house, it runs. I'm pretty sure it has been running this past week....


  8. Anonymous7:35 PM

    wow such a difference in such a short time. It really has not gotten cold here just lots of rain. I am very happy that you found Hunter a home : )

  9. Soon it will be spring and you'll have all the fun of re-planning your beautiful backyard :) Hopefully I can come help get flowers again!

  10. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Hunter has grown up to be SO Handsome! I'll miss him.


  11. Aww, I LOVE the "before and after" photos! Enjoy the pumpkin pies!



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