Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Raiding the Pumpkin Patch....

This is the scene that greeted me, in my back yard, when I got home from work this afternoon... If you look closely, you can see what's left of my tomato plant in the foreground. Dream, quickly trotted up to the fence to assure me that it was not HER idea! That does appear to be pumpkin juice on her lip & chin... She said something about it being Diva and Rosie.... OR Diva and Zaria (who didn't even bother to STOP eating! Hmmmmmmm, there does seem to be a common thread there...

I had picked all of the pumpkins that I could carry, but there were 4 or 5 left, in the pumpkin patch, that were too large for me to move. So, yesterday, I fenced in the little area that still had pumpkins and turned the girls into the part of the paddock that I had previously fenced them out of to protect my "garden". Apparently I did not do an adequate job of fencing.

I'm telling you the TRUTH, was DIVA!

Or the DOG! That's it ~ it was BELLAMICA!!!
You gotta do something about that dog, Mom. She's out of control!

And the final word from DREAM.... ..."I'm INNOCENT! I SWEAR!"

That does look like a pretty innocent face. The investigation continues....


  1. Methinks she doth protesteth too much!

  2. Kelly V8:39 AM

    Bella is really getting big!! She is turning into a very beautiful young lady.

  3. Hope you have a fantastic party! Sounds like a great time!

  4. Adorable pumpkin pics, I just love Dream and her protesting-too-much orange face.

    Great post!



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