Sunday, September 16, 2007

The party is ON.....

I've been so busy (plus my computer was on the blink for a few days!) that I haven't had the chance to post to my blog, or to any of the Lists that I'm on, so I just wanted to let everyone know that the party (Open House) is on for next Saturday. Feel free to bring your spinning wheels and any "show & tell" that you'd like to share.
Julie Chapman will bring some angora goat kids and some llama fiber for all to experience. Of course, my flock of SPOILED friendly Shetlands will be happy to relieve you of animal crackers (I've got a big supply!). I do still have two ewe lambs (black) and 4 ram lambs (2 black/2 white) for sale, so if you're still looking for animals to add to your breeding groups, bring a crate!

Please e-mail me, to let me know if you will be attending and if you need driving directions. I want to plan on the number of brats & burgers to have on hand.
DREAM says......"Anybody want a DOG"????????


  1. OMG! Bella is all grown up!

    I wish I could come to the big party :(. Unfortunately, duty calls, I have a craft show in Des Moines all weekend....sigh.

    Have a wonderful time, you deserve it!

  2. Kelly V5:40 PM

    Hopefully my friend will let me know tomorrow if she is coming with me. If she comes I am coming, if not I think I am skipping. Don't want to drive that far alone since I won't be working. Although you know I will have to ask about those Angora goat kids...

  3. And you have to pick up your cards that you won in the Trivia contest Kelly! ;-)

  4. Kelly V8:07 PM

    I know. Just don't want to make the drive myself. It a long drive when you aren't on the clock. More fun with company. She still hasn't gotten back to me yet on whether she is able to come so I am guessing that it is probably a no. You may have to mail them :-(



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