Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'd Almost Forgotten....

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How incredibly wonderful it feels to just SIT out with my girls! I've been so busy, since closing on my home, that I've hardly taken the time to sit back and enjoy my sheep. We made up for that this afternoon. Here, you can see a few of them (Godiva, Dream, Dilemma & Zaria) crowding in to get hugs!Apparently, while I've been absent, Daisy has secured her friendship with the ewes. In the photo, above, you can see her snuggling with Zaria and Rosie. In this picture, Zaria looks like she's giving Daisy a kiss!

Although Alice appears to be 'above' such silliness, Dilemma is also becoming fond of Daisy... When Daisy moves over to the bench in the ewe paddock, Flash Flood stops by to say "Hi".You can't really tell it, from this photo, but Daisy just smacked Flash for being a little too inquisitive! Thinking that she might be missing out on something, Dream steps into the picture...As do Zaria and Rosie, once again.Dream seems to be a favorite...
I love it when everyone gets along and peace reigns.

DREAM says..... ...."Life is GOOD in the Bluff Country!"


  1. nancy your sheep are such camera hams!! :) If mine only lifted their heads long enough to smile for the camera!!

    You need to reintroduce your girls one by one so I can remember them all. I had forgotten you had a white ewe? See how terrible I am! :)

  2. Everybody loves Dream!
    - Franna

  3. And isn't Dream everybody's favorite? ;)



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