Thursday, August 30, 2007


And the winner of the TRIVIA CONTEST...

How did I not realize that I have 14 ewes/ewe lambs???? Time to update my Breeding Stock for Sale list...

In the meantime. We have a winner! Several of you were VERY close! Tammy had 13 ewe names but was missing Savannah (and had Jewel & Gypsy, both of whom are sold). She also forgot Katie and Lily. Franna added Phoebe (sold) and missed Zest and Gemini.

I do believe that KELLY got them all right (and added Dynasty ~ a ram lamb as she suspected) for good measure.

From my own recollection the girls, as pictured are: #1 Flash Flood. When I click to enlarge the photo, I can see Dream, Zaria, Zest and Zodiak in the background and the lamb in the foreground could be either Godiva or Rosie ~ I can't tell for sure.

#2 is Dream with Zaria, Rosie, Zest and Bella Luna

#3 is Alice, Zest, Dilemma, Zodiak, Flash Flood, Zaria, Diva, Savannah and I can't make out which of the black ewe lambs is which

#4 The same as above, only now I can see Destiny by Alice

#5 my beautiful Bella Luna (Zest's daughter)

#6 Rosie and Serendipity

#7 Bella, Zest & Flash

#8 Dilemma, Zaria, Diva, Zest, Bella

#9 Gemini and Zodiak

#10 Katie (with the RAM lambs, in the background)

#11 Lily

My 14 ewes/ewe lambs are: Dream, Zaria, Rosie, Zest, Bella Luna, Flash Flood, Alice, Dilemma, Zodiak, Diva, Savannah, Serendipity, Destiny and Godiva. (I'm only supposed to have 10 ewes!!!) Oh MY...

Thanks to everyone who entered the first ASV Trivia Contest! Kelly, you can contact me, privately, to claim your prize. Congratulations!!!

DREAM says.... "Sorry these results were a little late...Mom was SLEEPING!"

tattle tail!


  1. See what you miss when you're on meds? I snoozed and I didn't even see this in time to enter. ;)

  2. I was WONDERING where you were!!!

    Welcome back ;-)

  3. Terry8:42 PM


    So sorry I missed the contest. Between traveling and gardening I have had no time tokeep up with your blog, but it's good to be back. Godiva has grown up to be a lovely fawn ewe! She's still my favorite. Did you sell Bella and Gemini already? Please e-mail or call...I'll be home evenings all week.


    I will be calling you about The WI wool Festival soon...Russ and I are comtemplating going--do you still plan to go and do you need help getting ready? We just got back from up soon as I process all my grapes I think I'll be "caught up", sort of.




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