Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh yeah.....

My Goodness! It's been a while since I've posted about my SHEEP. Poor babies have been a bit neglected. Nobody's gotten any halter lessons (not that I've heard any complaints about that!). It's been too darn WET to sit out with the girls and before the rain started, it was too darn HOT! Today was just perfect. Sunny and cool. Perfect weather for getting reunited with my flock. Above, the ram lambs and year-old "Black Diamond" come running to great me. "American Idol" is always the first one up for scratches. He is such an adorable ram lamb! "Boomerang" (front), "Hunter" and "Mc Steamy" are never far behind. I am so pleased with the quality of ram lambs that my girls gave me this year! This handsome brute is "Eclipse". He is not on my "Breeding Stock For Sale" blog yet because I can't ever get any decent pictures of him! All his does it EAT. Except here, where he's playing with the swing.I CAN'T get a picture that shows how awesome he is! He's got wonderfully level topline, a great rear, superb horns, a perfect tail, soft, intermediate fleece and is a real nice ram ~ friendly but VERY respectful. I need to make a 'for sale' entry for him....

The boys weren't the only ones desperately in need of attention...This little doll is "Bluff Country Godiva". She's a fawn ewe lamb, out of "Flash Flood" and sired by "Paco". Isn't she beautiful? She is SO soft and sweet. Her fleece is definitely making the transition to fawn. She is a flawless beauty. Godiva is also for sale. She will soon have her own page on my Breeding Stock for Sale blog.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow. For now, Katie's got a movie ready to watch. We're having a "movie night"! Just me and my girl. Life is good.

DREAM says......"Thank HEAVEN Mom finally cleaned our barn! I kid you not, you guys: It was SO disgusting. She actually LOCKED us out of it all day so that it could dry and she could scrape it out and put all fresh bedding down. It's about time!"

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