Thursday, August 09, 2007

Making Way for a New Beginning....

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This is what remained of the old, abandoned barn that my rams have used for the past seven years. It collapsed under the weight of 15 inches of snow this past spring.I was actually quite fond of the old barn. It had some beautiful, weathered boards on it (many of which, I saved! I want to use them to make picture frames for my sheep photos). My homeowners insurance policy covered my 'out buildings' and I was instructed to get bids for a new barn. Today, the demolition crew showed up to tear down the old barn... The guys didn't waste any time getting to work. Within minutes the barn was in a heap!
They pushed the remains of the barn onto a 'burn pile' and attempted to ignite it. It took numerous attempts to get it to burn. Finally, a LEAF BLOWER was used to get air to the bottom of the pile and it erupted in flames.Bye-bye Barn...

I feel kind of sad.


  1. Don't be sad!! Just think of it..a brand new will even be clean..for awhile! One more step in this new beginning for you. Can't wait to see the new one but I know you'll keep us updated with lots of pictures.

  2. NOW I know how someone with a newly acquired mortgage can afford a new barn! :-) I don't blame you for being sad; new pole buildings never have the beauty of weathered wood, and rarely have the attractive proportions of older barns. But you will like the new, clean space, and it will be safe for you and the boys. That's a good thing, Martha!

  3. Yes, I'd feel kind of sad too. I remember you talking about that barn being so old when I was up there last summer to pick up Zorro and the boys were using it then. How nice, though, that you got photos of the demo. It will be so great to have a new one.

  4. Bye bye old wood barn. It is sad, these pole sheds we use have no charisma, no patina like the old wood on the old, Real, Barns.
    But, you'll love the fresh new space; for a workshop, for shearing, skirting, and protecting your sheep when it's cold.
    Oh, but do think about how you'll keep the rams from bashing the new metal in ! Oh. . . you thought of that. Good.

  5. I love that you saved some of the old boards and will make some wonderful things out of them. That's so amazing, and lovely! I hope we'll get pictures of the final projects. And just think of how amazing the new space will be.

  6. I do have a plan to protect the new barn from bashing rams....the bottom three feet will be CONCRETE! That ought to deter them ~ or at the very least, stand up to and abuse they chose to dish out. ;-)

    I'm actually hoping to sell some of my framed photographs when I learn to make the barn-board frames!

  7. Terry7:41 PM


    Good idea about the 1st 3 feet of the walls being concrete, and thanks. I've been reading about the clear-span hoop buildings available now for "my flock" (someday). You can get them for partial concrete block walls and I would definately choose that option--rams would not be good on that fabric--it's durable, but not THAT durable. I'm trying to decide how big we need. How big will your new building be?

    Whooppeee that was quite a fire once you got it going!

    Please e-mail me your schedule for next week--I hope to be off next Friday or another day, but Friday is a the best day for me...

  8. I love old barns, too, Nancy! I always hate to see them go. But, you saved some boards for frames and that will be a way to keep the old barn alive while framing your great pictures!

    (I see the email got through) :

  9. I'm so glad you were able to save some of those lovely weathered boards. Please post photos of the finished product. I'd love to see them (and maybe buy some!)



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