Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The PRIZE...

That is if ANYBODY guesses!


The above and following are four photographs, signed and mounted on card stock paper, with matching envelopes.


The photos are by noted Canadian Artist & Photographer (and Dear Friend of a Dear Friend), "Gene Ouimette". Some examples of Gene's artwork can be seen here. I bought these cards from Gene, when I attended the North American Shetland Sheep Breeders Association (NASSA), AGM (annual general meeting), in Canada, in 2005.


The person who names the most of the girls in my post from yesterday, can select two of the photo/cards as their prize.


I'm keeping the other two!! ;-) The first person to name the most of my girls, wins the contest. You can add names on to someone else's list, but the first person to give the most number of correct names wins. I will name the winner at 8 p.m (CDT) on Thursday, 8/30


DREAM says.... ..."Way to GO Mom!!! Now you told them my name! Well, I guess it's OK. Go ahead and try to remember who all the other girls in yesterday's post are...."

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