Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And STILL it RAINS.....

This is the view out my windshield, as I drive to work. I bought this little, bobble-head sheep, off e-bay a couple of years ago. It always makes me smile. Even on the eternal dreary days that we've been having lately. We haven't had a day without rain in I-don't-know-how-long, in the Bluff Country! At least they've got the roads cleared and repaired enough to be passable. I brought my camera along but found it difficult to take pictures, in the areas where there was serious damage, because I had to be so alert while driving. The main problem that I saw, was LOTS of mudslides that brought big sections of the bluffs (hills/mountains - depending on where you live) down onto the roads. The work crews are working 24/7 to clear the debris and make the roads safe. I sure do appreciate the hardworking men (and women?) who are working, round the clock, in non-stop rain to return our world to 'normal'. However much they're getting paid, these people are EARNING every bit of it! This is dangerous work! It may be hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see a red car, on it's side, partially submerged in a corn field. It was actually 'hung up' on a fence row. When I was driving into work, in the morning, only a small part of the roof & window of the car was visible. By the time I got off work (at noon!), the water had fallen this much. There was much that I didn't see: houses that washed off their foundations, bridges that were washed away. Homes and businesses buried in mud and water. Families uprooted and loved ones lost. I am so lucky. I spent the last few days cleaning my house! I am so grateful that my home, my family, my friends and my beloved animals are all safe. I'm counting my blessings in the Bluff Country!

DREAM says.... ..."ME TOO! But I'd be even happier if Mom would get out here and clean the barn. It's getting pretty RIPE in there!!!"

Sorry, Dreamer. I have a long weekend off, starting Friday and it's supposed to STOP RAINING! I promise you will get your CLEAN barn...


  1. Glad to hear you're up and running and BC is high and dry. We wondered about all of you.

  2. I just posted about the rain too! After reading your blog I guess that I shouldn't complain about our weather. We have had a LOT of rain, but not the damage that you have had there. I am glad that you and your critters are all okay.

  3. WOW, how scary!!! Glad your all OK!!!

  4. Oh I must get a bobble head sheep! (and I, too, amd glad you are ok)...but really I need one of those bobble heads!

  5. Nancy ... I have cut my lawn ... May 20th ... and not since, other than with the weedeater to cut off the chicory. I have been feeding my winter's supply of hay since early August.

    As much as I hate storms ... and floods ... and the like ... I would LOVE to have your rain.

    We had the first rain of the month today ... .15". But ... at least is was something!

  6. Becca ~ I know just how you feel about "Bobble". When I saw it on e-bay, I absolutely had to have it. I believe I paid about $15 (US) for it and it cost about $15 to ship. I'm thinking I got it from England or Sweden or someplace like that...

    Bill ~ I'm so happy to HEAR from you! I was worried about drought, too, just before these rains started. Now, we have had the wettest August of all time. If only Mother Nature could learn: "All things in MODERATION".

    Because of our situation on the hillside, we will benefit greatly from all this rain. We don't have standing water anywhere. Although, as Dream mentioned, the ewe barn is desperately in need of cleaning! THAT's on today's TO-DO list. The pastures are growing (as is the lawn). If it ever drys out, I'll be busy with the lawn mower.



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