Wednesday, August 08, 2007

CAT on a Hot Tin Roof...

Lilly has decided that the peak of the roof on the ewe barn is the perfect spot to survey her domain.

Daisy much prefers the safety of ground level relaxation.

Lily seems to enjoy the peace and solitude that her perch provides...
While Daisy seems quite comfortable with the attention of the lambs.
It does look pretty peaceful up there...I wonder what she's thinking about?

Probably that Daisy's NUTS!

DREAM says.... ...."I think they're both nuts!"


  1. I love all the pictures. Your plants and flowers all look so nice! That cat has to be HOT!!..or maybe it isn't as hot up there? We have heat index of 105-110 here this week..YIKES!

  2. What a lovely lady Dream has turned out to be. I think I'm a Lilly....

  3. Dream really has matured into a lovely ewe. She's very friendly, yet calm. Almost wise, already. She was an excellent mother to her twins yet didn't obsess over them and let them venture off and explore on their own. I think she was somewhat relieved when the went to their new homes. Now she can be "my baby" again....

    I think I'm a DAISY ~ I like to be with the sheep!

    Then again ~ I do enjoy my time by myself too....

  4. Oh, I could DEFINITELY lay around -- well, sit -- with the sheep all day! I was thinking of being in a crowd of people....

  5. Terry7:48 PM

    Nancy, you've just GOT to make a CAT/SHEEP calendar some year! "The cat on a hot tin roof" (lead photo) would make a great contest entry somewhere...


  6. I'm a grass looks better than a hot tin roof. :) Plus, I like sheep nuzzling me too...if I can remember that far back. (I'm not allowed to get up-close and personal with the sheep right now. sniff, sniff)

    (Check your email later today, Nancy...I have been trying to email you.)



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