Friday, August 24, 2007

K.T.'s Walk....
aka: the Last of the Flood Pictures...

My Beautiful Baby Girl doesn't let a little rain or flooding keep her indoors. These are some pictures she took on her walk, the other day. I tried to persuade Katie to post to my blog but she declined. She did, however, use a bunch of her and my photos to post on her "FACEBOOK" account. I guess that's the young people's blogger...In the picture, below, Katie has turned back for home. She's on the new bridge that was just completed over the creek (above photos) across from my house. You can see how my house is elevated, above the road and well above the stream. These pictures were taken Mid-Afternoon! That should give you an idea of how gloomy things have been around here.You can, literally, SEE the moisture hanging in the air!
I love my home, SO MUCH! I feel totally safe and protected here. This is where I belong.

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