Sunday, August 19, 2007

DOG DAYS of Summer....

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Remember the post with Lily on the "Hot Tin Roof"? Well, Daisy continues to find resourceful ways to relax in the heat and humidity that is the Bluff Country.Here she is, lounging in the hammock (that I moved up against the house, so that I could mow the back yard).
My Beautiful Baby Girl actually took these photos. I was in the house, dying , recovering from heat stroke , checking my e-mail, when Katie came running in to get the camera. "Mom, BLOG pictures!" she cried ~ I've trained her well. ;-) I, personally, had never seen Daisy in the hammock. Katie said that it was quite hysterical, watching her get in and out of it. I'm sure!
Daisy, obviously, shares our amusement.
The reality is, these photos are a couple of days old. (I've been busy!) The hot, humid, dry spell has ended and we are getting deluged with torrential rains. The temps have fallen by about 40 degrees ~ which is just fine with ME. My ewes are spending most of their time in the barn and my poor boys don't have shelter, since the big barn was torn down so are getting VERY CLEAN....

UPDATE...As I was writing this post (yesterday), our power went out and stayed out for about 4 hours. The torrential rains that we have been getting have caused massive flooding. I'm going to finish this post and I'll get back to you with more, this afternoon. In the meantime, Katie and I (and all my wonderful creatures) are HIGH AND DRY in the Bluff Country.


  1. Please let us know how you're doing with the flooding! The conditions sound terrible and I've been worried about your farm.

  2. It's raining here, too -- HURRAY! By the way, thanks for reminding me that all that lush green beauty in the Bluff Country is accompanied by heat and HUMIDITY. I don't function in humidity, so I'll just enjoy your photos from the comfort of Oregon's Willamette Valley. :-)

  3. terry7:42 PM

    Hi Nancy,
    Your daughter has inherited your talent!

    I was SO GLAD to hear you are high and dry--I was worried about you! Check out your e-mail for photos from me close to home here. We are fine--no water in our basement and able to get back and forth between here and work/church/etc. in La Crosse.




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