Friday, September 15, 2006

Not really a secret.....

This is my Beautiful Baby Girl. (a.k.a. "Katie", my youngest daughter).

During Katie's senior year at college, I gave her (as a combination 21st birthday and graduation from college present) a "semester abroad". Katie chose Italy as the place she wanted to live and study in. She did the most remarkable job of sharing her adventure with her family! We got almost daily e-mails and TONS of pictures of her life in Italy. It was almost as good as being there!

This really never was intended to be a secret. It's just that it was SO big ~ SO exciting, that I never could figure out how to talk about it on here. I got an e-mail from my daughter, this morning, in response to one that I sent her, discussing my inability to post about this most incredible thing that's about to happen to me, that said:
..."I haven't checked it yet, but in case you haven't posted: I think just blurting
out, oh yea im going to italy, is a good way to put it. Let other people ask
the questions. Its much easier to answer questions about whats going on and
how you feel than it is to dictate a narrative. And by the way, I still have
the unreal feeling, and I've already been there! It's just like a whole-
nother world, and I cant wait to show it to you! I've met several people in
the cities, out and about, already who've traveled europe after undergrad.
college, and everyone raves about italy - - its really like magic"

A few weeks ago, Katie drove out to my house to tell me that she had to go back to Italy. And that she wanted to take me with her! I can't begin to tell you the shock/joy/excitement/amazement/thrill/disbelief that swept over me. Quite literally, for days, I walked around muttering: "Oh my God!". That's all I could say!! ME an unknown shepherdess in Minnesota, going to ITALY???? No way. But it is real. My Beautiful Baby Girl (her nickname since she was a baby) ~ "La Mia Bella Bambina" in Italian ;-) wants to share her dream with me. To say that I am honored that she would want to take her mother along would be an understatement.

I think to really understand the significance of this, you'd have to know that we are not a "well to do" family. I really couldn't afford to send Katie to Italy for a semester of college. I took out a loan (on a CREDIT CARD!) to pay for it. Don't worry ~ I got a great interest rate and the loan is almost paid off. But I was so proud of my Beautiful Baby Girl for how hard she'd worked to put herself through college that I wanted to give her something special ~ something that would impact the rest of her life. Now she's giving it back to ME.

In 13 days, Katie and I will be departing for Italy. We're going to spend a couple of days/nights in Rome and then rent a car and tour Tuscany. One of the planned highlights of our trip is staying at a B&B in Tuscany and going horse-back-riding through the mountains and olive groves! I've even "Googled" for a few yarn shops in Rome and Florence!!

It's still not real. But it is exciting. Sometimes overwhelming. But oh-so-wonderful!!!

Dream says......"I don't suppose there will be room for ME on the plane? That's OK, I'm not really too keen at the thought of flying. I'll miss Mom but know she'll have a wonderful time. Hey Katie ~ how do you say "DREAM" in Italian???"


  1. I know you will have a fabulous time!

    I am eager to see pics of Italian sheep! :-)

  2. Yay Nancy! You'll have a wonderful time...I think I'll name you Lucky #2! Right, Mary Ellen?

  3. Cool Beans! You must've raised her right, Nancy! ;-) You know, apples don't fall too fars from the tree.

    Have a ball!

  4. Nancy J3:21 PM

    Spectacular! So happy for you! Show us lots of pictures. Speaking of which, that's a mighty fine picture of Dream today!

  5. So, you have to have gelato when you are in Rome - it's been 35 years and I can STILL remember the taste of that Lemon Gelato that we had one afternoon... yum... I hope you get to go to Florence (Firenze) such beautiful art there - and say, does the guy in the picture with the horse on the B&B web site come with the ride? -...yum...(LOL)

    I am so excited for you & John says "Hey, there are no Shetland Sheep in Italy" (his dream is to go to Scotland, of course!) T.

  6. Nancy: She's beautiful! You have every right to brag (it IS, after all, YOUR blog! Stay out of the gondolas! The water is really smelly (that was in Venice though, so maybe it won't smell so much where you are going). What an honor for her to want to take you back and share all that with you! Obviously, you mean a lot to her. You should be proud.

  7. Thanks for sharing my excitement ladies! Katie and I will definitley spend a day in Florence ~ that's where she lived while in Italy. She's going to show me her favorite places and we're going to "fly by the seat of our pants" and go where we want to go and do what we want to do. For six days anyway.....

  8. Tina ~ tell John that I'm going to LOOK for Shetland breeders in Italy. If I can't find any, I'll probably still visit a sheep flock...just so I don't go into 'withdrawal'.


  9. I would have blurted out the news within seconds -- no problem here on how to bring out that sort of news! Congratulations on a wonderful daughter, an exciting opportunity, and a beautiful photo of Dream. :-)

  10. You know, you'll HAVE to send us postcards!
    What a wonderful thing for a daughter to do for her Mum.
    Let us know the day you leave so we can all sip wine and make a toast to you there enjoying Italy, too.

  11. Kelly V.8:33 PM

    Your Daughter is very beautiful. Have a fun trip. It sounds like you should have a fabulous time and really enjoy yourself.

  12. I KNOW that your daughter must love you to bits. We all do.

    But I bet the brandy and diet coke was part of the decision making ... ;-)

    I'd take you just for that reason alone. Have a blast my friend.

    And we want PICTURES ... especially if the men have shirts un-buttoned ... hehehe


  13. Beverley, UK1:01 PM

    Dream in Italian is Sogno pronounced Son-yo. Have a fabulous trip, it's a beautiful country. Ciao!

  14. Kat ~ I'll let you know what time my flight leaves so that you can 'tip a glass' with me! ;-)

    Bill ~ you are SO bad!!!

    Thanks for the Italian lesson Beverly! My BBG (Katie) taught me not only Sanyo, but La Mia Dolce Sogno ("My Sweet Dream"!) I just wish is was spelled more like it's pronounced. I LOVE "san-yo" but am not too crazy about "sig-no" ;-)

  15. Wow that is awesome, that is so wonderful that dreams do come true. What a daughter you have there. I am sure you will have a great time.




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