Friday, September 22, 2006

On (and OFF!) the needles...

Want to see what I've been doing?

I've been a busy girl! I finished knitting my Beautiful Baby Girl's scarf and have started the matching fingerless gloves. I've never made any kind of gloves or mittens before so this is new to me. I got the pattern for the fingerless gloves from Karen Byron and hope they turn out with the yarn (Debbi Bliss/alpaca silk) that I'm using.

I've also been spinning up a storm on my Roberta Electric Spinner ~ I LOVE it! This is the very first time that I've finished spinning an entire fleece, before knitting with it! It's a blend of Shetland (Rose ~ black/iset ewe) and mohair. I'm thinking it would make a nice outer wear jacket... (something else I've never made!)

Of course, while I've been doing all this spinning and knitting, my house is falling apart. Not really ~ but it is a bit on the messy side... Terry's coming over to spin tomorrow (and bringing ALPACA fleeces!) so I better get some cleaning done. It helps to have a little motivation. ;-)

Dream says......"Mom didn't even come out and play with me today! I hardly ever even SEE her anymore...."

That's not QUITE true. I did move the girls to the side paddock for the day and will sit out and pet them for a bit when I go out to move them back to the paddock by the barn. ........right NOW!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I wish I could find my wheels to spin! Let's see...if the dining room is in the living room corner and the contents of the Kitchen is in the guest room, the wheels should be in Alaska, right? No, no,...that must be a "Where's Waldo" and we're doing "Clue", aren't we?
    I'm so confused!

    Have a great day spinning! It's nice to hear the feedback on the electric spinner as I've never used one or even seen one in person.

    Have fun!

  2. LOL! Poor Kat. Hang in there, soon it will all be over and you'll have a beautiful new kitchen.

    Hugs from the Bluff Country

  3. Beverly Fledderjohann8:54 AM

    Any chance you can post the source of the beautiful pink scarf. I'm not to tech so in case I can't find you back you can let me know at I'm beverly in OHIO



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