Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ten Minutes....

I have a confession to make. I took these photos yesterday morning ~ not today. I haven't even got dressed and gone outside yet this morning.

But yesterday, when I looked out the window, the morning fog was just beginning to lift. My favorite time for taking pictures!
Unfortunately, by the time I threw on some clothes, grabbed the camera and ran outside, the fog was almost gone. This photo is for Elizabeth (Diva's Grandma).

Although the glorious fog dissipated much too quickly,a beautiful, crisp, Fall day was awakening.

I decided to move the girls over to the side paddock for the day.

Zaria and Zest

Dream's mom: Zodiak

My little "Savanna Banana"

And of course...

I'm cleaning my house, visiting (spinning & skirting fleeces!) with Terry, and starting to PACK today... I can't believe I'll be in Rome, this time next week!

Dream says...

..."I'm sure gonna miss Mom! She's going to take pictures of some Italian sheep for me. I wonder how one says "Baaa" in Italian ???"


  1. My grandbaby is so cute. Who is she going to be with this year?

  2. Have a great trip! take care and remember to relax and not worry about the sheep-folk! ;-)

    Many hugs....

    Ciao Bella!

  3. Welcome Home! Didn't expect you back for a couple of days! TTYS...



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