Thursday, September 14, 2006

I needed that...

I took the day off work today. Have you ever had so many good things happening in your life that you were so overwhelmed that you almost couldn't function? That's kind of where I'm at right now. Life is good. But I needed to take a break. So I stayed home and played with my sheep today.

Fall is definitely in the air in the Bluff Country. I moved the girls to fresh pasture and gave Phoebe a hair cut (she looked like a swamp creature). At times it was difficult, trimming Phoebe's fleece because Dream kept squeezing in between Phoebe and I because she wanted my attention. Not just a wee bit spoiled? I have to admit, I loved it. She actually likes it when I give her hugs.

In addition to playing with my girls and trimming Phoebe, I also got some mowing done and I've started KNITTING again! What a treat that is! I'm finishing up a pink, alpaca/wool scarf (Debbi Bliss Yarn) that I'm making for my Beautiful Baby Girl. When the scarf is done I want to make a hat and mittens to match. (I've never made a hat or mittens before). I even sat and READ for about an hour this morning. I could get used to days like this.... ;-)

The sheep are also enjoying the cooler weather. Alice and Phoebe seem to be establishing a friendship. I've seen Alice rub heads with other ewes before ~ I'm not sure if it's a gesture of friendship or some kind of status display. But there didn't seem to be any hostility on the part of either of the girls.

I love the variety of colors in Shetland sheep!

I think I'll go bake some lemon bars. I have a date with the T.V. set (and my knitting!) tonight ~ Survivor's back!!

Dream says......
..."Mom's got a really, REALLY big secret that she's going to try to tell you tomorrow!"


  1. Oh boy, I love a mystery! I'm jealous of your day off - We're going to Olympia (three hour drive one way) on Saturday to my Grand-nephew's first birthday party - mostly to see my sisters & other "adult" members of the family. So it will seem like I don't get a day off this week. T.

  2. I think you're a big tease! And I love that dark grey sheep in your photos - I would love to have that in my flock!

  3. Can I rub your head for luck? Maybe some will rub off.....

  4. PS: I would kill to have your pastures and trees! Your sheep-folk don't know what a wonderful home you provide for them.



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