Monday, September 18, 2006

'Tis the Season.....

For Testosterone levels to rise! Here is a series of photos that I took several weeks ago. (click on any photo to see larger image)

This was pretty much a mock battle. Even though the boys connected with enough force to lift Bravo's hind feet off the ground!

No one was hurt and the boys went back to grazing side-by-side.

Things are apparently getting a bit more serious. This is what I discovered when I went out to see my rams this morning.

Paco's got a pretty nasty gash over his left eye and a matching slash above his right. Bravo looks like most of the blood on him is from Paco. The only actual injury I could see on Bravo is a scrape on his nose.

I much prefer the relative calm and peace of the ewe pasture. Although, even the girls are doing a bit of head banging. It must be the cool nights.
I use animal crackers to move my girls from one paddock to another. I simply open their gate (with the bucket of cookies in my hand) and walk over to the new area I want them in and throw a few handfuls of cookies into the air. The girls rush into the new paddock and search for the elusive animal crackers. Works slick! ;-) I moved the girls farther away from the boys today, in hopes of minimizing the skirmishes but I suspect it's going to be a long fall....

Dream says....

..."I'm sure glad I don't live with those boys!"

P.S. I tried to post this earlier today but blogger wouldn't let me upload any photos. Maybe I'm using too many?


  1. Nancy J9:12 PM

    Never too many pics! It's just'll work when it's ready!

  2. Nancy J9:13 PM

    Never too many pics! It's just'll work when it's ready!

  3. My little wether (it's been six weeks since the surgery, so I let him in with the girls today) just delighted in "ramming" Ailee (ewe lamb) until she could hardly stand up! He was fine until this evening when he "let dun go" as my grandmother used to say. It MUST be the cool evenings as well as Fall in the air.
    I do hope the boys are OK and it's superficial.
    Ciao Bella!

  4. Blogspot must have had a hitch in its git-along today. A first, it wouldn't upload my photos, and it never did let me change the date of my post to correspond with the post to go with yesterday's activities. Hopefully no one notices....

  5. I think blogger just gets confused sometimes.

    And sometimes it really does do the upload, but doesn't show you the html to display the pics.

    I discovered by accident if I right-click and then "paste" in the editing window, sometimes the html for the pictures magically appears. Worth a shot.....

    And of COURSE not too many pics!

    I think those boys ought to have a headache after all that head-banging, but I'm sorry they got actual wounds! Hope they heal well and quickly!

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  6. You know how boys are--always butting heads about something and then forgetting all about it and being best buds again. Must be that time of year...

  7. From the pictures, you can sure tell who's got the harder head! ;-)



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