Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nicer pictures...

My Princess (that would be my oldest daughter, Pam) asked me to get the yucky pictures of bloody sheep off of my blog...(yes, this is the same daughter who objected to the 'udder shots', in the spring) ;-)
It appears that Rosie agrees with Pam...

I've been trying to update this blog, ever since I got Pam's email this morning, but once again Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures. This is getting old!

I thought it would be fun to show you a couple of my more interesting colored fleeces. This first picture is of "Bluff Country Zaria". Zaria is registered as a black & white (HsT) but I think she is actually SHAELA. I know that Zaria's dam (Sheltering Pines Savannah) definitely throws modified lambs and Zaria's fleece is not the same shade of black as my other 'blacks'. She does have some ISET fibers but her black is more of a dark, steely grey.

Another Iset ewe that I have is Dream's dam: "Bluff Country Zodiak". Zodiak is a black/iset (born with a pronounced bleset stripe on her head. Although Zodiak's fleece contains a lot of white fibers, she does NOT carry the Ag (greying) gene.

Zodiak's fleece is always one of my very first ones to sell. It is LUSCIOUS!
Here's a close up, showing the mix of black and white fibers.

One of the things I enjoy the most about my Shetlands is how they are constantly changing. Of course, my very favorite thing is how sweet and friendly they are. I sat with the girls for a while today and I wish I had more hands to pet them with as a few start pushing and shoving the others because they don't want to share the attention!

Dream says......"It's that darned ZEST ! She keeps trying to push me and Rosie away from Mom. But I just snuggle right in on Mom's lap and she won't let Zest push me away...."


  1. Great looking fleeces there, Nancy. Wish this was Touch-a-vision!

    Hey, check your emails...

  2. I love your sheep pics, keep them in there. It makes me drool just looking at the fleeces....



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