Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday, SEPTEMBER 1st....

HA! I did it! I actually remembered to post the new calendar page (for the 2007 Calendar) on the first of the month!!!

Here it is: the September page for the 2007 "REAL sheep wear SHETLAND wool calendars". It features my 2002 ewe lambs: (Zodiak, Majik, Promiss & Zinnia) on a misty, September morning. I love this picture so much, I use it on my business cards!

All the pictures in the calendar are printed on Kodak paper and are suitable for framing. Calendars are $25.00 each (includes shipping).

Dream says....
"Mom's going to have to start going through all her pictures to find the best ones of ME for the NEXT calendar! Maybe YOU can help her choose...."


  1. I've got to get these! I need to send you some $$$ for four of them (I think...I have to count up again!) I am definitely sending a couple to the New Zealand family! :)
    (Or is that like sending coal to Newcastle?)
    Happy September!

  2. Let me know for sure how many you need cuz I'll be selling them at the MSSBA show, this weekend, and may sell out!

  3. I like THIS photo of Dream!

    Is this the first year you've done a calendar?

  4. I've been making calendars for 4 years now. This is the first time I ordered lots of extras and sold them.

  5. Dream - didn't the Everley Brothers sing about you? "All I want to do is Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream..... :-) Tina

  6. Beverley, UK10:00 AM

    Hi Nancy. I've found you via Farmgirl Fare & A Blip on the Radar. Love all your sheep - you have some champs no doubt. Your calaendar caught my eye as I am wanting to make a calendar for some of my friends as a memento of our ranch holiday in Montana. Have you made yours or have you found someone who will do very small print runs? I have 12 black & white photos from our trip that I would dearly love to make into a calendar but don't know where to begin - any ideas you could share, much appreciated.



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