Monday, September 04, 2006

The Boys' Day to Shine...

I almost didn't bathe Bravo. But Terry came out to help me and I decided that it would be nice to have his HST markings all shiny and bright. Look how gorgeous his striped horns look all cleaned up!!

I like my rams to be very 'regal' and Bravo sure did seem to think he was pretty hot stuff, after his bath! He strutted around like King of the Mountain while we let him dry, in the front yard ~ the girls were in the side paddock so he was showing off for them ;-)

Perhaps not quite so GRAND , but handsome, none-the-less, Rocky sure looked a lot better after his bath!
I thought Rocky was sold, but the sale fell through, so I'll be bringing him to the MSSBA show in hopes of finding him a new home. His broken horn is growing back VERY nicely and his fleece is absolutely exquisite....

Rocky is still wet in these pictures so his fleece hasn't "fluffed" back up yet. I can't wait to see him when he's dry...

I didn't bathe all the boys. Just Bravo & Rocky. The moorits and blacks are fine. I just wanted the white to look white on these two.

Dream says......"I'm thinking that BRAVO is looking MIGHTY good"!!!


  1. My they ARE handsome!

    Yup..SEPTEMBER!!!! I just hope things are still "on" for everything - I'm almost afraid to ask! ;)

  2. Doe you use warm or cold water on these critters?

  3. Oh Yeah - They handsome boys for sure Look at those striped horns!
    - Dream, you are a little tart :-)
    XOX Tina


  4. Elizabeth7:15 AM

    Rocky is a handsome boy. They weren't lying at MFF saying he has a wonderful fleece.

  5. I totally agree with Tina...Dream is a bit of a Tart with a little Flirt thrown in for good measure!

  6. ExCUSE me! My llittle Dream is not a flirt and not a tart. She's a sweet, innocent, little angel...(she just appreciates a nice ram, when she sees him!)

    Silly girls!

  7. Terry8:15 PM

    Sheltand Sheep are easier to bathe than cats and dogs!

  8. The sheep at Nancy's are a blessed grass, baths, cookies, nice manners, halter trained-hope they know how fortunate they are!

  9. Hey, answer the question about cold or warm water, Nancy!

  10. Sorry ~ no time to post!
    I use water, fresh from the hose. VERY cold. The sheep don't seem to mind it at all (as long as I don't let it go in their eyes or ears).

  11. Nancy, I'm going to show only moorits or blacks from now on! Whites are WAY to hard to keep clean and shiny!




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