Wednesday, August 01, 2007

AUGUST 1ST, 2007

I am divorced.
I am a HOME OWNER!!!!!
All that happened, after work today.

I am so freaking happy that I can hardly stand it. Thank you all for your support and prayers. The last three days have been somewhat stressful but it is now official. I own my own home. No one can take it away from me. I can keep my sheep. And my dogs. And my cats. (and Katie's dove!)

Tonight I met with the contractor who is going to build MY new barn. We finalized the plans and I paid the deposit. Building will commence early next month.

I am exhausted.

Time for bed.

Happy Dreams!


  1. Nancy - how exciting that everything is falling into place for you. It's so wonderful that you will be keeping your farm and all of your animals.

  2. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Nancy, That is wonderful news. I am very happy for you and proud that you could accomplish a "whole boatload of wonderful things!!!"

  3. CONGRATS Nancy!!! Your sheep are no doubt resting easy tonight (you told them, right?).

  4. Of COURSE I told them! And the dogs and the cats and the windows and the cupboards and the carpet, my bedroom, the bathroom, the fan, the garage....well, you get the picture!


  5. Well, hallelujah. Life begins :-)

  6. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Way to go Nancy!!! You should be so proud.

    I am so happy for you and your critters. It's no more than you deserve.

    Keep us posted on the new barn plans.


  7. What a huge relief! I'm so glad.

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  8. Nancy, I so happy for you I'm so glad it all worked out for you.

  9. Congratulations friend; I am so happy for you. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

  10. Wow, a mortgage AND a new construction project! Congratulations? (I'm teasing, and VERY happy for you and all the critters in Bluff Country. :-)

  11. ah, but Michelle, the barn is PAID FOR. I got the money from my insurance company because my old, abandoned barn collapsed. I never thought they'd pay me ANY money for it ~ let alone enough to build a real barn, but they did!

    Happy Days in the Bluff Country...

  12. Nancy- WAY TO GO! Congrats all around. You are a strong woman and I respect you for that. Big hugs!

  13. let the new life commence!!!!

  14. Way to go Ace - glad everything worked out for the best. T.

  15. DebiP3:54 AM

    Great News! It's like a rebirth. Best of luck to you.


  16. What WONDERFUL news! Welcome to the ranks of "Homeowner"-ship! We are all so glad to hear this. I just have one request....hold the party long enough for me to be able to travel and after the NZ-relations have gone...

    You must be Dancing for Joy!

  17. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Hi There Nancy

    I have read your blog off and on over the last year and am I was cheering in the background as you made these enormous individual steps.

    All the best
    Ann Jackson

  18. Kelly V5:33 PM

    Congratulations Nancy!!

  19. Kelly V6:32 PM

    At least for you owning a home doesn't involve packing and moving :-) I speak from experience right now, that part is no fun. Not quite to the moving but sort of on top of the packing. 1 week from tomorrow and the moving part will start.



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