Saturday, August 04, 2007

Summer Daze....

We have a new 'family member' in the Bluff Country...
My Beautiful Baby Girl brought her beautiful, white Dove "Ruby" to live with us while Katie prepares to go off and serve her Country, in the Navy. (we won't talk about that now, this is a happy post...) Ruby has a big cage, in the back yard, for the summer and a nice, white one in the house, for the winter. She'll live with me while Katie's traveling the world.I think she's rather symbolic of the peace and serenity that I find in the Bluff Country...

We got rain today! Things dry out mighty quickly during the hot days of August, so the rain is much appreciated. I put the ewe lambs in with Hunter and Serendipity, so that Sera can make some friends before I put her in with the mature ewes. Daisy the kitten (cat?) has decided that she really likes the lambs and she lets them chase her and roll her around.The lambs run up to her, as soon as she comes into their paddock and she just rolls around as they nuzzle her and rubs up against them.
Dilemma finally let me pet her today. Sera is still very shy but comes close to me now. She still won't let me touch her but I think it will happen quickly now that the other ewe lambs are in with her. If only I didn't have to work and could stay home and spend more time with my animals!!!

DREAM says.... ..."Mom never even came on MY side of the fence today! I'm feeling a bit neglected!"
I'm sorry Dreamer, I'll try to get out and pet you tomorrow, after work...


  1. Tell the sheep, "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go." Not that they will think that is a good enough reason to neglect them.... :-)

  2. It's good to "see" you happy again, Nancy!

  3. Nancy, if you ever need pigeon and dove advice give me a ring! I've had them for 15 years so hope I might be able to help you out...if I can't I'll find someone who can!

    I missed seeing your farm this weekend! I was so busy with the dog shows this weekend it was crazy. Add on top of that a 100.7 fever STILL on saturday night and I had been up for 20 hours that day. Luckily I'm 'normal' again :) See you in a few weekends!



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