Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Visitors from Blogdom...

Last Friday, I had the great pleasure of meeting Deborah, from Antiquity Oaks, and her handsome son, Jonathan.   Deborah purchased my sweet, little ram lamb:  Storm Warning and Jonathan  did the driving when they came to pick him up. 

Poor Jonathan may have been a BIT overwhelmed by a certain, "giant puppy", but Deborah quickly befriended all of my animals...

She even managed to get Dream to pose for a picture.
(imagine that!!!)

We had a wonderful visit and I am absolutely amazed by Deborah's broad scope of knowledge and enthusiasm for her incredibly hectic life.  Not to mention that she's just a VERY nice lady.

DREAM says...

"That  Deborah was pretty nice (she gave me cookies!)  and  that Storm Warning lamb sure was a real cutie.   I know that Mom was sad to see him go, but it means more pumpkins for  ME!  I keep reminding Mom that she's just got to look at the bright side of things!"



  1. When I read that Deborah bought a new ram, I wondered who she got him from. Congrats! It's fun to see two blogpals meet, even if I couldn't be there!

  2. Aw, thanks, Nancy! We had a great time! And I think Dream might have a little experience as a model and spokesheep. Storm is such a sweetie. I'm keeping him locked in the barn for the time being, because the coyotes have been particularly bad these last few days.

  3. looks ilke it was a great visit! Im glad you have so many good friends to keep you company. Im jealous of them though of course ;)



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