Thursday, July 22, 2010

I do believe that we left someone out...

Godiva's boys!

Godiva had her twin ram lambs WAY back on June 29th and I don't believe I've ever even done a post about them!

As you can see, Godiva blessed us with a black & white, HST and a black (with a splash of white on his head) boys who both have the solid conformation and lovely fleece that I've come to expect from Godiva's lambs.

I haven't named this handsome dude yet
but isn't he gorgeous?

So is his twin brother!

These are REALLY nice ram lambs!

They're both looking for flocks to call their own...

Contact me for more information.

If you're looking for a correctly built ram with four straight & square legs, level topline, nicely set neck, a typey head with great earset and a classic Shetland fluked tail AND you love intermediate fleece with density, soft crimp, nice length and a pleasingly soft handle, one of these boys might just be the ram for you...


  1. They're definitely good looking. Hope someone gives them a good home!

  2. Oh, that Dark Star ramlet is just too sweet for words - I hope he finds as good a home as the one he was born to!!



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