Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Growing Like Weeds...

Zodiak's daughter, "Clover"
continues to score a 10 on the "Cuteness Factor Scale".

These photos were taken on July, 1 so you know that the lambs have already changed.  I just can't keep up with how fast they are growing! 

I think Zaria's twin HST ewe lambs may just be off the chart!

There's just something special about a white lamb.

White and PINK are just awesome!

The young lambs are getting more independent and venturing out from under their mothers' watchful eyes to play more and more the past week.

I have GOT to get my website updated with photos of ALL of the lambs and start advertising those that are available for sale.   I have quite a few babies that aren't even on the website yet.

Busy, busy, busy...


  1. They are so beautiful!

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    ARGH! Cuteness Overload! I need another sheepy fix! The second photo of Bear looks like he is laughing, and the last one of Clover is adorable!

    Katie in WI

  3. But a good busy. :)

  4. Everyone looks so adorable Nancy! I can't wait to bring home my 2 new white lambs!!!

  5. Every picture I thought was THE cutest. Impossible to pick a favorite!

  6. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Yes, I think this year could be called "roaring cute" for lambs! My computer is still working...thank goodness! :>)




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