Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trying to Beat the Heat

Destiny's triplets

The humidity levels have been ridiculously high (93 percent as I write this) in the Bluff Country.  Which makes for miserable days and foggy nights.  I got up this morning just in time to catch a few photos of the sheep before the fog lifted.

Destiny's handsome son, "Tumbleweed".
He is absolutely gorgeous!

Tumbleweed reminds me very much of "Skittles".

Alice and Destiny relaxing with their triplets.

Chance and Serendipity stay pretty close together now that Charm  has gone off to her new home.

What a beautiful morning!

I even held down a branch so the ewes and lambs could have a treat.

Alice wasn't too thrilled with having to share.

By 8:30, the fog was lifting...

Most of the girls went back to the coolness of the barn.
  Leaving me out there to swelter.

DREAM says...

"Don't worry. 
 You'll be the first to know!"

(not even close!)

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  1. I don't envy your heat or humidity, but you have got to have one of the most scenic places in the country! It is so beautiful there; thanks for sharing.

  2. You forgot to tell everyone how entertaining your stories are! You're a very talented writer and I'm glad you're sharing your link with friends. :) I'm sorry it's so hot and humid there again, same here, but the foggy pictures are always amazing

  3. Lovely morning pictures. :)

  4. It's very humid here in Ontario also and the sheep are pretty miserable.
    We are still waiting for our yearling Finn to bag up...she was put in with the Gotland ram on New Year's Day!

  5. Oh my, Jody! Your Finn must not have settled. It's been six and a half months since she was put to the ram. Or are you thinking the same thing that I am, with Dream? That she didn't settler right away but was bred a couple of months later... I hope you get some pretty Gotland/finn babies!

    My BBG is my bestest cheerleader! ;-)

  6. I know it's a cliche to say 'it's not the heat, it's the humidity,' but in MN it's just plain truth. ESPECIALLY this month/year - Ugh!

    And yes, I did see 'Despicable Me' with Bren. Did you read his review on his blog? http://thefaceguy.blogspot.com

    (this is not his best review - check out reviews for 'Eclipse' or 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' or 'Toy Story 3')

    He's a bit more adamant than I am about it, but the general gist on DisMe is right: the movie is geared more towards little kids than towards adults.

    If you are going to the movies with (young) kids, but you want to enjoy the humor as much as they do, go to Toy Story 3 or, even better (if it's still playing anywhere near you), "How To Train Your Dragon". If you are going to the movies with little'uns and plan to entertain yourself mostly by watching their faces rather than the screen, "Despicable Me" will probably do just fine. The Minions are very cute, and there are about three clever adultish jokes hidden in the schmaltz - keep a sharp eye out for two of them as Gru visits the Bank of Evil.

  7. My 25 year old and I went to see Despicable Me and we enjoyed it a lot!
    My husband and I saw How to Train Your Dragon, it is definitely a must see; and the 25 year old and I saw Toy Story 3 which was okay, but we were both left unsatisfied.
    I'd recommend Despicable Me, even though it's a more or less typical 'Happy-ever-after' kid fare. :)
    And yes, the minions are great! :)

  8. Anonymous3:59 PM

    My son (age 12) and I went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" 6 TIMES! We cannot wait until it comes out on video. It is one of the best movies I've seen in a long, long time. We've also gotten all 7 books by Cressida Creswell, and they are fabulous. Different from the movie, but equally as enjoyable. DesMe is on the list for the weekend. We fell in love with the minions during all the previews at Dragons. :) Besides, we don't have A/C, and this summer is killing us.

    Katie in WI

  9. We sympathize with you and your sheep about the weather. Here in Texas we've had miserable heat (it's been in the mid-90s or so) since May and will continue so until October. Anyway, visited the examiner site, commented, and signed up for updates . . . trying to do our part :)

  10. Thank you, Ken & Mary and everyone else who visited my Examiner.com column! It made a BIG difference! I truly appreciate your help...

  11. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    I'll visit your Examiner column as often as I can. How often do you write a new one?

    Nothing like those summer fog photos--love every one of them. Wow Tumbleweed IS and handsome boy---


  12. Hey, Terry ~
    I try to write an Examiner Column at least every-other day. There's quite a bit of research involved so sometimes it takes me longer. Thanks for following my column!



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