Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Takin' her own, sweet Time...

Someone is not cooperating.

I'm  even beginning to question if she's really even pregnant!

Maybe she's just FAT!

I don't understand what's taking Dream so long to have her babies.
I put Zorro in with all the girls at the end of January.  Everyone has lambed except Dream and Flash  Dance.  Flash Dance was a ewe lamb so I expected that she might be a bit behind the other girls but Dream hasn't even started bagging up!

And she has no ribs or backbone!
Even Flash Dance has a little bag...

DREAM says...

"Don't get your undies in a bundle, Mom.
I'm cookin' up something special..."

"And you think I'm fat!?"

Yes, our little Flash Dance is actually beginning to LOOK pregnant.  I hope she doesn't lamb when it's a thousand degrees and humid.
Or thunderstorms!


  1. Dreamer is very, very beautiful!

  2. I'm sure Dreamer feels it would be unseemly for a web spokessheep to show off her bag....

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. hehehe, I was waiting for this post :)

  4. I do hope things go well for them both!

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Oh, Flashdance is bagging?? I wanna come down NOW! Considering the storms that are coming, you KNOW she'll go then. Hugs!

    Katie in WI

  6. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I just read through it again and looked at Dreamer's ears. They were so perky, and then when you questioned if she was pregnant, they flattened a bit, and when you called her fat, she looked like she had a sheepy scowl on her face. Too FUNNY!

    Katie in WI



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