Friday, July 02, 2010


We did it!  We found the perfect wedding dress for my Beautiful Baby Girl!

Katie O.K.'d me posting this photo because it doesn't actually show the dress ~ which is, by the way, absolutely stunning!  It is very simple, elegant, graceful, unexpected and fun!  Katie tried on SO many gorgeous dresses and looked beautiful in them all.  Every time she'd step out of the fitting room, Pam and I would just OOOOO   and Ahhhhh.  But the dress she chose was somehow different.  Not that we weren't OOOOOOing and Ahhhhhhing...we were.  But Katie was different in this dress.  She smiled.  She moved.  She looked happy!  In the other (many fancier) dresses, Katie posed.  She looked stunning.  And posed.  In the dress she chose, Katie played!  She twisted and turned and  walked and spun and said:  I want a dress that I can have FUN in at my reception (which will be in New Orleans ~ with plans to hit Bourbon Street!).  She wanted a dress that will let her move and this one does it.  It just flows.    It is both simple and elegant, yet it has an air of innocence and playfulness about it.  A perfect "Beautiful Baby Girl" dress...

Life is good!

(many thanks to my "Princess",  *Pam*  for taking such lovely photos of her baby sister as the three of us shared this happy day.  Katie even managed to include her big, brother, Ben, in the day by joining him for a Margarita when the dress shopping was done.


  1. Katie is indeed stunning! Congrats to you BOTH, I'm so happy for you!!!!

  2. That's a lovely shot - enough of the dress to give us a tiny idea of its grace and charm without giving away the whole thing!

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. She looks wonderful and we're going to see more, aren't we? My son gets married on 30th July so I will have some pictures to show too.
    Blessings, Star

  4. Oh Nancy, I just love that photo. Congratulations to you all on finding the perfect dress!

  5. Your daughter Katie looks so happy and beautiful--radiant, actually.

    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  6. Oh, Nancy, I'm so happy for you!! And yes, she really is a beauty (dress or no)... thank you for sharing that photo, and this lovely bit of your life!

  7. Knowing yourself, knowing what suits you and then discovering the perfect dress really makes your girl sparkle! What a lovely day shared with family. This photo certainly does capture the happiness of the moment and is very is very very good.

  8. Oh Katie you look so beautiful and happy in that photo, I'm sure your man will swell with almost as much pride as your Mum when you walk down the isle. Wishing you all a fabulous day x

  9. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Nancy and Katie,

    I LOVE that photo of you two, and Pam, you inherited your Mom's artistic eye and talent with the camera! Sounds like a lovely day and a lovely dress--thanks for giving us a little peek!




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